Sunday Style: Getting the Max Out of Your Maxi

Today's Sunday Style is about getting more out of your clothing. I used to wear something only one way and then have to wait for a different season or event or whatever to wear it again. Coincidentally, today's Jumpin' July Style challenge was a maxi so naturally I thought I would give some tips on styling a maxi different ways. 

While today was hot and sunny here in Michigan, it isn't going to be the case later this week. One day they are calling for a high of only 70 degrees. It got me thinking that I need to look into wearing some of my summer clothing into fall if it's going to be like this! 

I'm starting with a maxi that I purchased from Loft earlier in the spring. I loved it because of the color and pattern but also the style of the dress. Just like any other type of dress, I like a maxi to also have some of the same characteristics that I love in a good dress. While I don't think most maxis are made with pockets (bummer!), I still like one that plays up my shape with a good waistline and a nice neckline doesn't hurt either. I think the color and pattern of the dress makes it interesting as well. And I know that you all are probably sick of me saying this, but overall, I love a dress that is unique and feels like it was made for me! 

Here I am wearing the dress by itself and how I wore it tonight for dinner with sandals and silver jewelry:

The second look I envision being for a cooler summer evening so I kept sandals (gold glitter ones!) on with gold accented jewelry and threw a jean jacket on the top. I may or may not be popping my collar...

The last look has fall written all over it! I love the color of this dress as it is a cooler color that will be perfect for fall! I dressed it up with a black sweater over the dress and an olive vest on top of that. I happen to love purple and olive together! I threw a birdie scarf and a leopard belt on for some fun accents. Riding boots are a great fall staple and can be worn with jeans or pants as their signature look but also with dresses. 

I hope you all got some ideas of how to wear your maxi different ways! These ideas will work with any maxi no matter the color or pattern! Which way is your favorite? 

Hope you're having a great weekend! 



  1. I really like the last look. Are weather has been a little crazy over here.

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE that last look!!! *gasp*


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