Jumpin’ July Style: Days 9-16

We are halfway through July and the summer is in full swing! I don’t know about you guys but I am getting ready to take off a week at the end of the month and relax and enjoy our wonderful Michigan summer! We had a bit of a cold snap earlier this week when the Polar Vortex chose to rear its ugly head again and make us all wear our warm clothing for a couple of days! I saw a lot of fun and cozy looks and, let me tell you, it does not make me ready for the fall at all!

Well, let’s get down to business and recap the days, shall we?

Day 9- Blues Brothers (and Sisters) - For this day, I chose to be kind of basic with my blues and wear some boyfriend jeans with a fun tropic tee shirt. This was a comfy outfit and I especially liked the pop of yellow in my loafers!

I chose @mckissa to feature for this day because I loved all of the blue and her dress is just gorgeous! 

Day 10- Roses are Red- I chose to wear a red bow top from Banana Republic that I had gotten on major clearance the end of last year. It was perfect for this day wearing it with a skirt that I have had for years! I mentioned on Instagram or in a post (one of them-I forget) that I love to wear items like this that are classic and don’t go out of style. Why haven’t I worn this more? Who knows but I am glad I found it for this day!

I chose @oofrecklesoo to feature for this day. I love all of the reds she is wearing and look at the fun print of her leggings! 

Day 11- Violets are Blue- Another day of blues! I found this skirt from Loft while I was shopping over the July 4th weekend and I already had this top to match. The skirt was a great deal and the fact that I didn’t have to buy anything to match it was a bonus for me! I love everything about this skirt! It has a great shape, fit, pattern and even pockets!

@fashionistasincle has it going on for this day's blue theme! She is always on point with accessories and her shoe collection- wow! Don't even get me started on that! Amazing! 

Day 12- Neon Nellie- I will admit that I wasn’t in love with this outfit. I don’t really like to wear shorts a lot anyways but this was a Saturday and I was busy cleaning and working around the house so this was the best I could do later in the afternoon when I went out to get groceries and do errands. It was super hot and humid over the weekend before the cool air rolled in. I purchased this necklace last year and love the way that it goes with so many things!

@heather875style is wearing some of my favorite things for this day's outfit! Pineapples, yellow, neon and metallics? What more could a girl ask for in a fun and comfortable weekend look? 

Day 13- To the Max(I)!- We went to the art fair on Sunday and walked around in the morning while it was hot and humid. The sun was out in full force and so were all of the people. I needed to be comfy and a maxi on this morning was not the route I wanted to go. I opted for a tank and a pair of lightweight crops with sandals to walk around.

In the afternoon, I changed and got comfy in this great maxi from Loft. See my recent Sunday Style post for all of the details and how I am wearing it three different ways!

My girl @abyjoe is a pro at wearing a great maxi dress or skirt! Her looks are so cute and so modest on a daily basis. I love the fun looks that she puts together! This one was especially cute with her daughter in matching colors! 

Day 14- The Color of Money- I used to work in a bank as a bank teller. I can tell you that money is not always green…Gross! That being said, I went with the traditional green (and gray!) of money and wore these olive skinnies with a fun floral tee.

Such a fun dress for today's challenge from @mgibbens. I love this shade of green and paired with navy is a great way to bring out this color! I am also loving the accessories and sandals she paired with it for a more casual look! 

Day 15- Animal Instinct- I decided to wear whales since it was cooler and I just liked the sweater! I thought it looked great with a pair of skinny jeans and a tee with a fun statement necklace. I will be wearing this outfit again soon! I loved everything about it!

@bethieboo went above and beyond for this day's challenge! I love all of the different animals that she has on and this shirt is just so cute! I loved the way she paired it with a colored denim too! 

Day 16- (Wo)Men in Black- This day was a hard day for me emotionally. I had some things going on and I ended up wearing glasses to hide my puffy eyes. We are all entitled to a bad day every once in a while and this day happened to be mine! I wore one of my favorite tees (ever!) with some pixie pants, both from Old Navy, and put a jacket over top for a little bit of warmth. I am actually very happy with the way this outfit and this picture turned out!

@borntoglitter_mrmccoy looks stunning in all of her black! I love the shoes (drooling!) and the necklace is so beautiful! Way to make a basic color look gorgeous, girl! 

There are my looks for the past few days and some of the ones that I loved from all of you!
Sadly, I am taking this opportunity to say that I have decided to not host an August challenge. I have decided to take a month off from challenges and really wear whatever I want to wear. I see so many of you all making strides in your daily looks and in your wardrobes and you do not know how much it means to me that you mention me in your comments on Instagram or comment on my pictures each day. I will continue to post my outfits but have decided to stay away from the challenges in August. I appreciate all of you who have been participating and have been happily posting outfits each day with me! Thank you! I hope you continue to do the same this upcoming month as well! I will consider a September one after I have had some time to stop and think about it and see what I can come up with!
Thanks for reading and for following along with me! I have enjoyed all of your looks for the past week and can’t wait to see what other looks you come up with for the rest of the month!


  1. Thanks Dawn! I'm not doing an August one because I would just like to take a break! But maybe September I will come back with one since they are fun! Don't feel bad about not participating- some days I wouldn't either if I didn't make it up and blog about it!

  2. Thanks for the feature! I had the most fun with the animal day!!


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