Style Me April: Days 11-20

Well here we are going into the end of April already! Now that the winter is finally over (I hope!), it seems like time is flying by! Before we know it, we will be into summer! It seems like everyone I know has left the state and is enjoying time in Florida. Not me! I have enjoyed a few days off for my mini break and am ready to jump back into work after being re energized.

Here's a recap of Style Me April days 11-20. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 

Day 11- Matchy Matchy- I went with the orange theme and ran with it! I love this shirt and these shoes with the boyfriend jeans. I think this was a favorite casual outfit of mine. 

Day 12- Makesyawanna Dancegram - I didn't dance for this day and if I did, I certainly wouldn't post it! 

Day 13- Born in the Wrong Era- This is probably my most favorite dress I have worn in a while. It was fun and I felt like I definitely was not in this era. Read all about it in my Sunday Style post last week. 

Day 14- Easter Bun- I obviously have short hair so I knew I wouldn't be wearing a bun! I decided to try an outfit from Pinterest that my friends were participating in that day. I do love bright colors and pattern mixing so this was definitely a fun look for me! 

Day 15- Lovely Lace - I'm wearing one of my favorite striped blazers again for this day. It snowed three inches so I opted for the jeans and boots again for this day! 

Day 16- Maxi Moment- Wednesdays I haven't been posting pictures since we have our health and exercise class at night and my son and I go straight there after picking him up from school. It really wasn't a maxi moment though since we were still in the process of getting rid of that snow...

Day 17- Girlie in Green- Most people would have gone with the obvious choice of a pretty jade green but not me. I had to do some olive and some mint green instead. 

Day 18- Literary Heroine- I wouldn't really say that I dressed like a literary heroine unless if I was some sort of a romantic comedy writer... This was a fun day at the outlet mall though and I dressed for comfort and ease of trying on clothes and a lot of walking. 

Day 19- Sporty Chic- Soccer season is upon us and I like to be comfortable at the games. While I did not have a soccer game, I was happy to be comfy while relaxing and enjoying time off. 

Day 20- Easter Best- I loved wearing this beautiful and bright dress for Easter. Check out my latest Sunday Style post for all of the details! 

I am looking forward to the last ten days of this challenge. It has been so fun to get dressed everyday! 



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