2014 Closet Remix Challenge: January Recap

Well, February is upon us and I thought I would share how the month of January went for me. I am happy to say that I didn't spend anything! I didn't cheat and use any gift cards or anything. I even went to the mall a couple of times to return items and I didn't exchange. 

Here's a picture of my log I am keeping: 

I decided to keep a log each month and each day of my purchases. This helps to keep me accountable as well as acts as a visual so I can see how much I am actually spending. Those trips to Target in the past usually resulted in picking up unnecessary items and I didn't really keep track of how much I spent!  I also use the same book to write down all of my bills and due dates and highlight them as they are paid. This is better for me to see and be organized! 

January was a great month in doing this challenge. It was helpful to follow the Momomod challenge and shop from my closet! I will tell you that I only filled up my car twice with gas. I wasn't running around to all of the stores and malls and really didn't need to fill up more. I also managed to put more money in savings each week. This is especially important and a big one for me because it was more sporadic before than I would have liked. 

On top of the financial goals that were achieved, I also managed to cross a couple more things off of my list to do before I am forty. (That will have to be in a different post). I also read two books, went to a couple of movies, watched some movies at home, worked on my scrapbook, wrote numerous blog posts, and cooked almost every night. The last one is a big one for me because my family likes to go out and eat! 

I also unsubscribed from most of the emails that I was receiving so I would not be tempted. In addition, I set a goal of no social media after 8pm. This helps me to spend more time with my family and get stuff done around the house. I also started back in the gym on my running. I need to get going on this as I have my sights set on a 10k this year! 

I have to tell you that this exercise has been such a help for me. I took it and ran with it! I also want to say that I have been bitten lately by the thrifting bug and may get out there this month and try to get some good deals. I'm more aware now though of what I need and want and have made a list of items that I want. I also will use gift cards and poshmark money to help me buy the items I want. I will try not to spend much more than that this year. 

The possibility is there that I will fail at some point. I will have a day that I want to shop and I will. There will be new Target collections coming out or new dresses at Loft or clearance or thrifted items that will look awesome. However, I will look at my purchases with more responsibility and purpose than before. I will ask questions like How can I wear this? How many times can I wear this? Where will I wear this? Do I love it? - That will not be a failure- it will be a purchase that was worth it. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Congrats on spending no money this month.

  2. I like the idea of a Log. Maybe that might make me a bit more accountable. I need to change something! :)


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