Forty Before Forty: Gun Range

If you've been following the blog since the beginning, I talked about things that I have on a list to accomplish before I am forty. I turn forty in September so I have plenty of time to accomplish everything, right? Ha! I can't believe we are already into February so I really have to get on the move! 

One item I thought would be fun to do was shoot a gun at the gun range. My list consists of items I have never done, am scared to do or just maybe haven't done in a while and want to do it again. I also have a few personal items on there like finishing a scrapbook, etc. 

Anyways, one of the best ways to try something new is to use a discount coupon service like Groupon or Living Social. I bought a Groupon for two people at the gun range and my husband took me. We spent an hour and took turns shooting the ammo they gave us. 

My husband has shot before at the fun range and goes hunting as well. I'm more terrified of guns and really needed to get over that fear. Once I did, I found it to be fun and even a good stress reliever. He loaded the gun for me and got it ready and I shot it. Because we used a gun that was there, I thought it to be a little clunky and not really a great fit for me. Don't even ask me what kind it was because I have already forgotten. Anyways, I think one that was a little more light weight would be good for me and not a lot of kickback would be a bonus. 

Here's a picture of me after shooting: 

No pics allowed while shooting so this was the best I could get. Don't I look awesome in my protective gear? I did pretty good too for my first time! I still have an earache this morning too so I think I should have worn earplugs and the earmuff things. Oh well. 

We had a great date and stopped for a coffee on the way home. Perfect evening! 

Any other suggestions for items I should do? I always have room on my list! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me. 



  1. To cool, I have never shoot a gun before. I would be super scared and my husband is afraid I would hurt myself.

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