WhatUp Wednesday #23

So this past week I was able to try two new restaurants and I found a new show on Hulu to watch. Its been an exciting week of job applications and sitting alone in my area at work since a lot of people are either gone already or don’t come into work every day. It is so sad to see the parking lot so empty- even the parking garage still has spots if you come in late in the morning! Such is the saga that continues as the mortgage business winds down…

Here is my outfit for today and the ones from this past week. I have been loving the 2017 Elegant Collection from Lularoe! We try to make it Everyday Elegant by pairing it with pieces we already have or pieces that are not too dressy. I love to show how versatile all of the items are!


 I discovered The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu this past week and I am kind of addicted to watching it since I need to find out what happens to certain characters in the show. It earned Golden Globes but I hadn’t seen it yet to know what all the fuss was about. Now I get it. Kind of. Well, it is definitely intriguing but the whole premise of the show is a little creepy. I really hope that the future world is not run this way. Check it out and see for yourself what I am talking about. It is really good! I am halfway done with Season 1 so I will try to finish it over this next week.

As I mentioned above, I did go to two new restaurants this week. The first was Cantina Laredo which is actually close to me and I just have never gone there. I went with a friend from work and it was so good! I will definitely go back! I tried a steak burrito and had a great drink called the Mucho Tropical- it was delicious!

The second restaurant I went to is a cafeteria style restaurant called Luby’s. I’m pretty sure I went to this one as a kid when we lived here in TX before but I haven’t been here so I moved back. I went with a friend from work for lunch and it was fast and convenient and tasted good. I got the Luann Special which is a ½ piece of the chicken fried steak and two sides and a roll. Not too shabby! Wasn’t really my kind of place-especially since we were the youngest probably there, but I did enjoy it!

I also went to see The Greatest Showman again. It was so good and I am loving the soundtrack! I would definitely recommend you take the time to go see it. I told a friend of mine that it is what I think the movie-going experience is supposed to be like. It is supposed to leave you happy that you went to the theater and it is just an all around wonderful movie. I cannot say enough about it! And my new crush Zac Efron doesn't look half bad either. He sings beautifully and the song with Zendaya- I swoon!

I received some leather earrings from Amber Vaughn and she can be found on Instagram @avaughnx4 and her Etsy shop is ADVdesigns which can be found here. She is offering a 25% off discount to my readers and followers using the code CURVYGIRL25 through Jan 31. Help support her business and show some love! Here I am showing off these beauties on my IG stories yesterday. I was super excited to get them! She has so many good things to choose from!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I am so glad it warmed up here and is not freezing cold!
Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. Love the sheer vest you are wearing in the first outfit.



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