WhatUp Wednesday #54

Well all day Instagram and Facebook has been down making it hard for me to publish pics and tell stories since I was off today! So I took comfort in my Amazon Prime video subscription and finished off Season 2 of the Sopranos. I am late to the party on this one for sure! I love the show- didn’t watch it when it was originally on but did watch it on AMC a few years back when I was traveling. Today’s weather reminds me of the times I was in California and taught night classes. Oh boy! Those days were spent lounging and shopping and just waiting for 4:00 to roll around! 

It seems like in every episode at least one person gets killed or dies. I am not usually into these types of shows but this one has a fantastic storyline! It only makes sense that people get whacked or “do the job” or whatever else lingo they have. People are constantly making the Street Boss, Tony Soprano, angry. They go behind his back and double time him and they’re all cheating in their marriages and relationships. Goodness gracious! I didn’t sell that show very well but I certainly recommend it if you like that kind of stuff and you don’t begin to feel paranoid when a car pulls up next to you- you know or stuff like that (insert shoulder strug here). 

Anyways. enough about that! I wanted to show you all this gorgeous purple lace cutout dress from Ashley Stewart that I got at the end of last year. I didn’t get to wearing it sooner but it’s a super cute dress for wearing out to dinner or to an event! The lace sleeves are so pretty and I love the back of this dress too! Here are a few pics for you of it: 

I’ve been really busy with events over this last week. I actually did two on Sunday and both involved exercise! I’m slowly but surely trying to get back out there and get at it! This year my knees have started to hurt really bad in the colder weather and boy has it been cold and rainy lately! 

This past Sunday I went to the Fabletics store here in Plano and took a Zumba class! This was a lot of fun! I didn’t realize there were stores as a lot of you all didn’t either so I’m glad I’m not alone on that one! I love that they offer an exercise class weekly! You will need to check with the specific store for their schedule. For instance, the Fabletics store here lists their schedule in the Legacy West calendar where the store is located. I am wearing the newest Trinity Pant which is amazing! I love this Pant a lot!! It has great stretch and is one step down from the usual compression pants that I do. I am wearing an XXL in all three pieces from Fabletics and the fit is great! I walked into the store expecting plus sizes (definitely an area of opportunity! ) and when they didn’t have them, I agreed to try on XXL which fit me fine as well. The class was upbeat and energetic with a fantastic instructor! It was fun and crowded so get there early if you decide to start taking their classes! Here are some pics from this fun time! 

The second event I went to on Sunday was held at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. It was called Women Who Work It and was sponsored by Outdoor Voices. They also gave me a set to wear but sadly their sizes only go up to XL. Again, I love their stuff and so would so many plus size ladies, I’m sure! I was able to wear the XL Pant but not the bra that I chose since it was just too small. I wore the tank top and bra from earlier in the day and it was just fine. I love the design of this pant and bra set though! It’s so cute! 

This seminar was a couple hours consisting of an inspiring panel of women business owners, exercise class, and other fun things like learning how to make a cocktail and goal setting. I learned a lot and I am so glad I went! Enjoy these pics from the day! 

So what else has been going on? Oh yeah, I forget I haven’t written in two weeks! So the week before that I was a guest influencer at a vintage trunk show in Dallas at the Guns and Roses Boutique with StyleMarqui. 

We showed up and tried on clothes and worked with customers and had wine and hung out. It was a great time! I took some pics too! I changed a couple of times into vintage looks as well! The black dress came home with me! I would encourage you if you like vintage pieces to follow StyleMarqui on Instagram! She has lovely taste and each item is handpicked by her! 

Here are some of my looks over the last couple of weeks! Make sure to follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page for everyday pics!

Sarah Cardigan, Perfect Tee and Leggings all gifted from Lulaoe 

Jacket customized and gifted from Lularoe
Clutch is from Studio DIY (old) 
Shoes are from Urban Outfitters (old) 
Debbie dress from Lularoe 

Top and skirt gifted from Luv Me More. Top can be found here and skirt can be found here

Coat from Target (old) 
Sweater and Pants from Loft (old) 
Boots are from Target 

Rainbow basics set gifted from TomboyX 

Velvet suit gifted from Maree Pour Toi. Jacket can be found here and pants can be found here

Sarah cardigan, Christy tee and Leggings are from Lularoe 

Jessie dress and Sarah cardigan from Lularoe 
Shoes and belt from Target (old) 

 Dress gifted from Pink Clove. Dress can be found here

So within this coming week are two big launches for the plus size community! On Friday, Anthropologie is finally launching AnthroPlus which is their new plus size brand! I’ve only seen a few pieces but so far they are all about the Anthro way! There is a jumpsuit that I saw that I about died over because you all know how much I love a jumpsuit!! Click here for more info on the launch. 

The second thing is Lane Bryant is launching a collection with blogger BeautiCurve, Rochelle Johnson. I’m so looking forward to this and will try to pick up some of the pieces from this collection for sure! It is full of dresses and you know how much I love my dresses! Click here for more info on this launch. 

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week! It’s Spring Break here for us so we’ve been sleeping in and hanging out this week! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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