WhatUp Wednesday #79

Hi friends! What’s up?? Happy Wednesday! Well, we are still in quarantine and I can’t wait to see when this will finally be over- if ever! I don’t want to go out in the public and risk getting sick with all these people but at the same time I can’t be sitting around waiting and waiting. I don’t know if that makes sense? 

Life goes on whether we are actively involved or not. A great example of this is where we took these pictures on Sunday! I love Holland and going to see the tulips- it’s usually Tulip Time right now! But anyways, Windmill Island is closed but we were able to walk around and see the flowers and buildings while everything was closed. 

I could not wait to wear this fun orange dress and big hat! I had this outfit planned out but wasn’t sure of what location. Sunday we were out driving around and I thought about heading over to see if we could walk around for a bit. I was so glad that it was open for us! I was surprised at how many people were actually there and walking around. We maintained our distance and enjoyed a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine taking these pictures. 

Take a look at these pictures and let me know what you think! 

You can shop the dress from Eloquii here 

You can shop the shoes from Cecelia New York here 

Hat is from Target in the dollar section- I removed the strings and I like that I can replace with a different band or scarf! 

You can shop the earrings from HeyGrlHey here (use code SANDAE10 if you do!) 

I’ve been watching shows and listening to podcasts like crazy! Any recs for me? 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Got to love the dollar area at target.



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