WhatUp Wednesday #83

Happy Wednesday! Well since the last WhatUp Wednesday post, I’ve moved! It’s official that I’m back to Texas! Oh how I’ve missed it! 

I thought for today’s post that I’d talk all about the trip from Michigan to Texas. I thought you would all love to see what I did along the way! 

In true fashion of a WhatUp Wednesday post, I’ll show you a look first! Spoiler alert: I did make it to the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile on the way! 

Here’s me sweating in the heat but wearing a cute dress from the LoveShackFancy x Target collab! 

Well I started out in Michigan- keep in mind, I was in West Michigan but I had plenty of time to drive around and do stuff! I went on to Indiana to meet a friend on Saturday night! Some of you all might know my friend Merisa from Instagram as @stylishplusmom- If you don’t follow her, then you should! Here’s a few pics from our fun night! 

So we caught up and then parted ways and I was on my way the next day! On Sunday, I drove as far as I could! Keep in mind I was also towing a UHaul trailer- did I tell you that? Well I was! I can’t believe I did it! 

So I drove from Indiana through Illinois through Missouri- past St. Louis and then almost to Springfield before I stopped for the night. 

Sorry no Missouri sign! The next morning I got up and drove to see the Fantastic Caverns! This is just north of Springfield and it’s a fun stopping point for people of all ages! I have been here once before but I had a lot of fun and wanted to see it again! 

Fantastic Caverns is an underground cave and you ride through it in a Jeep with a tour guide. It’s lit but at one point, they do turn off the lights so you can see how dark it is without the lights! It’s so fun to drive through and see all of the formations! What a miraculous sight to see!

These pictures do not do it justice! I have some video but I’m just uploading the pictures on the blog for now. 

Then I went on my way to stay the night in Bartlesville, OK. This city is actually the corporate headquarters for Phillips Conoco- which of course I didn’t know! It’s a cute little city so I made my way out to grab something to eat before sundown. The last picture is the first skyscraper that the architect Frank Lloyd Wright ever designed! It was so cool to see! 

I went to this little restaurant called The Painted Horse Bar and Grill. As far as the food goes, it was okay. I let the waitress tell me what to order which is always a fun gamble when traveling. I ordered the B. Marley to drink, fried macaroni and cheese and the pot roast for the main entree. Yep, it was okay. 

Now to head back on the road the next day! I was on my way to Pawhuska OK to see the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile and eat at the restaurant! 

The wait time can be long so be prepared for that! They told me it would be an hour and a half when I put in my name. They text you when your table is ready so it’s a really easy way to walk around and see the city! 

I decided to check out the Ben Johnson Cowboy Museum while I waited! I must confess I didn’t know a thing about this but I thought it looked like a fun place to stay out of the heat! 

It ended up being a fun little place to explore and my table was ready earlier than I thought! I ordered the JBLT with a side of the Parmesan Garlic Fries. Then for dessert the waitress insisted I try the chocolate cake that is served with ice cream. The food was just delicious and I couldn’t finish it all! 

What a fun day! Then I drove all the way to the Texas border and then stopped and spent the night. My lease didn’t start until the next day so another night of hotel living it was! 

From the border, it only takes about an hour to get to my place! It turned out to be a great road trip with thankfully no issues! 

One more thing before I go and that is a list of podcasts that kept me company on the road! Be sure to check them out! 

-Office Ladies
-I Said No Gifts
-It’s Been A Minute
-My Favorite Murder 
-This American Life
-Monster: The Zodiac Killer 
-Articles of Interest

I know I know! It’s quite a list! But this is what helped to keep me awake and alert and allowed me to drive safely and learn lots of stuff! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! I hope you enjoyed taking a little road trip with me tonight! 



  1. Glad to hear you move went good. Stay Safe.



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