YesterLand Farm

In the town of Canton, TX, is a fun little place called YesterLand Farm! Canton is known for their Trade Days or First Mondays where you can browse merchants and vendors’ wares. There’s everything from equipment to records to Lularoe to shoes- you name it, they have it! 

YesterLand Farm  isn’t far from the trade grounds. I will tell you that I did drive around the town of Canton and there’s not much else there. Even downtown looked to be hit hard by the lack of the trade days. It’s sad how the coronavirus has really hit some areas more than others. I tried to visit a winery that is no longer there and a restaurant that is no longer there. Lots of stores and buildings sat vacant. I also noticed there was a prayer group that was going on by the town hall. I’m not sure what that was about but it was there, nonetheless. 

Now let’s head back to the farm! YesterLand Farm is unlike any place I’ve been! It has rides like roller coasters, a slide, a midway with games and even a train! It has everything you would want to do like ax throwing, a gun range, pony rides, and lassoing a “bull”. Lots of corn for the corn maze and cornhole games too! So many things! There’s also food- plenty of food! Barbecue, ice cream, pie, you name it! I enjoyed a delicious peach ice cream cone! (There’s also a petting farm but I didn’t indulge).

It’s really the perfect place to take your family for the day! All of the workers were so helpful and friendly and took time to talk to me whenever they saw me. You buy your tickets online so there is no contact at the gate and they limit the number of people into the farm at a time. Even though it is all outside, there are still some areas that can get congested. 

They have plenty planned for the upcoming fall holidays as well! Haunted everything coming right up! Check our their website for lots more details and to get your tickets! 

Now take your time to enjoy these pictures! 

Don’t forget to check out YesterLand Farm if you’re within a few hours of driving distance. Your whole family will really enjoy it! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. looks like a fun place to visit


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