February 2015 Book Club Selection

I'm going to share our book club selection for February and recap a little from last month's choice in this post. 

We are reading The Summer Kitchen by Lisa Wingate this month- depending on which edition you get, the cover could look like this or a different one but make sure that you choose the right author. Believe it or not, there is another book by the same title but a different author. It can be found in the library or online. 

This month is Rebekah's choice. I hope she doesn't mind because I will tell you how she happened upon this month's selection. Our book last month was called The Kitchen House (I will talk about that in a minute) but Rebekah picked up this book instead. We were sitting there after dinner starting to discuss the book when she mentioned something about horses or whatever that just didn't seem to make sense. Kelly asked if she could see her book and it was totally the wrong one! Needless to say, we did enjoy a laugh on her account (sorry, Reb) but it was just too good not to! Since Rebekah is the host for February, she said that we would read this one! So that's how this selection came about...

We were missing a couple of people at book club in January but we still enjoyed a wonderful dinner and good conversation. We all found The Kitchen House to be such a great read! We seem to frequently pick books that have more than one narrator but this one was so interesting! I'll admit that it left me wishing for a different outcome, but the book was extremely well written and I would definitely recommend it. 

Books like this deal with issues that are not present in today's times but make me so grateful to be living now instead of in the past. I'm thinking specifically about the division of races and slavery. It was awful and still upsets me to read about how people with a different skin color- even in the same position as in this book (!) - were treated differently. However, I did find the book fascinating being written from the point of view of a slave. 

I would recommend this book if you didn't read it last month, it's pretty easy to get online or in the library. Rebekah has my copy now so she can catch up to us! 

Let me know if you read the book, what you thought of it. Did you see the questions at the end of he book? Did you think about any of them or talk through them? For me, this was a thumbs up! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! Happy Reading! 



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