Polka Dots and a Cuff Giveaway!

I'm so tired of wearing jeans and sweaters and boots! It's been so cold that I feel like I wear the same outfit everyday but in different colors!

Not today though! I decided to change it up and wear one of my favorite dresses but winterize it wearing a jacket, boots and tights. I'm playing along with Pinned It, Spinned It today and I'm loving this combo! 

Dress- Eva Mendes for New York and Company (old)
Jacket- Banana Republic (last fall)
Faux fur and belt- Target (last year)
Boots- DSW (old)

Notice my cuff bracelet? You guys! I'm giving one away on the blog! Right here! I am loving this company called Trades of Hope that I was just introduced to by a compassionate entrepreneur, Pam Arnett. This bracelet is just one of the many accessories and items that are available for purchase. 

Trades of Hope is a company that was started in 2010 to empower and give jobs to women around the world. Poverty is the root of a lot of problems. Slavery and sex trafficking happen all over the world. Mothers are forced to give up their children to orphanages while other parents watch their children die from starvation or sickness. At Trades of Hope, the founders and entrepreneurs work to change lives for the better. They look to empower women to be the heroes of their own stories. By purchasing items from this company, you help to eradicate poverty around the world. Such a great cause and there are so many awesome things available for purchase! 

So, I decided to team up with Pam and give one of you a bracelet like mine! Do the rafflecopter thingy at the side of the post - you get lots of chances to win! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Oh my goodness! Your outfit if fantastic! I really love the "Love Bowl" over on the Trades of Hope site too...

  2. The idea of Compassionate Entrepreneurs is so cool and the Trades of Hope products are all gorgeous!

    1. Hi Larissa! I would love to share more with you about being Compassionate Entrepreneur. It such a rewarding opportunity! Feel free to contact me at 601-258-0342 or you can me at pamarnett1124@yahoo.com

  3. Love the dress and the jacket sets it off nicely thanks for sharing your inspiration

  4. Thank you so much Sandae for featuring Trades of Hope!! I am so excited to share how TOH is changing the lives of women around the world and giving HOPE to their future!! Good Luck to everyone entering the raffle!!!

  5. I love the "Julia" necklace they have on the Trades of Hope website. It's gorgeous.
    I also love your outfit!

  6. I love all of their cute scarves.

  7. Polka dots & faux faux = perfection!! I love the mustard & navy together too.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  8. Beautiful! Trafficking is a heinous crime that needs to be spotlighted. When fashion and education are combined, the end result is beautiful.


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