WhatUp Wednesday #40

Hey friends!  Well first things first, today I visited Fort Worth and, boy, was it fun! I went to the stockyards and had a steak lunch and wandered around the shops. If you caught my stories on Instagram today, you got a peek at my day but I’ll write a blog post so you all can see it too! 

I changed into this Fashionnova jumpsuit and man, is it reminding me of 70’s vibes! I am loving the colors of it as well as the lines. I think it’s very reminiscent of fall as these colors remind me of changing leaves and fall nights. 

Here’s a couple of pics for you: 

You can shop at Fashionnova and use my code ONTHERUN for a discount so don’t forget to do that after you load up your cart! 

So this past week, I have been unemployed and have been doing a mixture of things while I am off work. Of course I am taking care of business but I’m also getting to do a few things that I’ve been wanting to do and just haven’t had time. 

I took a cooking class at Sur la Table on Friday and we made French patisserie which is a fancy way of saying French pastries. We made one pastry dough and then made one third of it savory with thyme and Gruyere cheese along with some other seasonings. Then we made my favorite which was cream puffs that had chocolate ganache on top and espresso whipped cream in the middle- yum! The last one was eclairs with the ganache on the top and a cream filling that was out of this world. I made a couple of new friends and we had a blast at our station! 

I also visited a park in Dallas called Teddy Bear Park which is really called Lakeside Park but it has some sculptures of teddy bears in it. It was very peaceful and relaxing! 

Afterwards we tried a new ice cream place called Creamistry which makes its ice cream using liquid nitrogen! It was pretty cool to see the process too! 

I  also did Wine Down Wednesday with a friend last week and we visited a new place called Urban 8 Food Court in The Colony. We went to Stir and paid $25 for all you can eat flatbread pizza and drink wine. They had specific wines that they gave us but it was great and the atmosphere was fun as well. I’d definitely go back again! 

Now on to what I’ve been watching this week. I almost feel like I need to do a separate post on watching stuff now that I have more free time! But I watched Maniac on Netflix which was a little weird but once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. I did like it as it was about disorders as well as relationships and people trying to cure them. I also watched 11.22.63 on Hulu and enjoyed it a lot! It is based on the Stephen King book and the premise of the show is a man going back in time and trying to stop the assassination of JFK. It has action, adventure, drama and romance and I would definitely recommend it! I am not sure why but I did watch the Inside the Freemasons on Netflix.
It is viewed as a secret society or cult even and most people have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. This series gave some insight although filming wasn’t allowed during a lot of the time in certain ceremonies or getting ready for ceremonies. I still found it to be somewhat interesting as I didn’t know much about the subject. Last but not least,
I watched The Keepers on Netflix. Wow! This was very sad and dramatic as it was about a nun who was murdered back in the 60’s but is believed to be a part of a coverup for sexual abuse that was happening in the school. Her former students and classmates tell their stories and investigate the murder.
It is very good but definitely hard to watch in some places because of the subject at hand. 

Here are some outfits that I’ve been wearing as well over the last week or so: 

Well that’s what I’ve been up to this past week! Searching for jobs and more fun is what I’m looking for this week! Stay tuned for more adventures! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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