WhatUp Wednesday #67

Well it’s hard to believe it was exactly eighteen years ago that the dreadful day happened. 09/11 seems like it was so long ago, yet just yesterday! I must confess that I miss the comradery of Americans after the attacks happened. Flags flying, strangers being kind, patriotic anthems playing, the whole nine yards. I wish we would be like that every day! 

We continue to live our lives as if nothing ever happened. Let us never forget. 

Now, let’s talk about how this past week went. I had a birthday, made a custom lipstick, went to a garden and sculpture park and had a fantastic brunch. This past week was full of fun activities and friends and family. 

I went to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park with my friend Kathy. We have been friends for years and used to travel together everywhere for work! It’s nice that I’m back up in MI close to her for a little while anyways! While we were there, we saw lots of plants - not many flowers because of the time of year- and all of the sculptures! She was also kind enough to take a few pics for me! 

I wanted to show you all the new Michelle dress from Lularoe so this was the perfect opportunity! This floral dress was perfect in this setting! This wrap dress is a full wrap dress with a tie that you wrap around. It has great front coverage and is just perfect for every figure. There’s nothing like a classic wrap dress! Here’s some pics of this dress and the gardens: 

There are so many other sculptures and things to look at but you’ll have to see it for yourselves! I just wanted to show you a few of my faves! 

I also went out with my friend Terri and went to a custom lipstick making workshop. This was a lot of fun to make something from scratch. The color I made is really good too! Before we went to the workshop, we went to a little cafe called the Lyon Street Cafe for a bite to eat and some coffee. It was the cutest little place in a neighborhood and the food and drinks were great! 

Then on to the workshop! We both made very different colors and the results were awesome! 

My son and I visited a little farm called the Dahlia Acres Farm on Saturday and then went to the Social Kitchen in the  Downtown Market for brunch on Sunday. 

As you can see, this past week was kind of busy! It was fun and I’m glad I got to get out and do some stuff! 

Here are some outfits that you might have missed this week: 

Happy Birthday to me! This was the dress I posted on Sunday for my birthday! 

Dress- Eloquii- you can shop it here
Boots- I forget where they’re from but they’re older anyways 

This outfit is from Ulla Popken- check out yesteray’s blog post for more info! 

This is a Jessie dress from Lularoe. This was from the first release of these dresses earlier in the year. The pattern is amazing! 

And another Lularoe outfit! I must be loving this brand this week! This is a Liv shirt and a Jill skirt. When you have an outfit that matches a trailer you see, you pull over and take a picture- that’s the rule! 

I wore this dress when I went to Holland and looked at the water and the boats. It’s from Loft and I got it earlier this year. The sandals are from Just Fab. 

I’ve also been watching some stuff this past week! I’ll tell you the ones that were noteworthy and worth watching! 

Mind Hunter- Netflix - it’s a great show if you like learning about serial killers and how the mind works.

The Spy- Netflix- amazing show based on a true story. An Israeli man goes undercover as a spy to Syria. 

Dave Chappelle:Sticks and Stones- he’s very funny but don’t watch this if you are offended by anything. 

Styling Hollywood- Netflix- it’s a show about a couple who live in LA; one styles celebrities and one styles houses. I will describe it in one word: Drama! Lots of it. 

Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time- hilarious standup special that doesn’t disappoint- I laughed almost the entire time! 

That’s enough to get you started if you’re looking for new shows to watch! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! That so cool you got to make lipstick.



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