WhatUp Wednesday #68

I’ve done a lot this past week! I had a fun weekend with a friend at the lake and I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather and good food and good company! More on that in a bit...

Today’s look is so fall I can’t even stand it! Seriously though! The color of this Eloquii dress is just like a leaf has fallen off the tree! I love the asymmetrical look of this dress and I thought it needed just a little bit more so I added leopard print with a belt. I also have these fantastic boots that are knee high and they just amp up your look! All in all this is a fall look that’s simple yet stunning. 

Here are a few pics of today’s look: 

So this past weekend I went over to the east side of the state. I spent the weekend with a friend at her cottage on the lake. We had a great time eating and drinking and catching up and watching the gorgeous full moon over Lake Huron.

We started out by going to one of my favorite restaurants in Dearborn, LaPita, and having my favorite fatoosh salad and pita bread with garlic sauce that will knock your socks off! 

I was caught in the act - lol! 

Then on Saturday it was sleeping in and drinking coffee and then heading to the beach for some sun and fun. We had lunch and dranks and watched the people picking up rocks and shells. It’s seriously as if they had a job to do! 

Then we explored a bit for dinner options. We ended up getting pizza from the Pepperoni Cow and ice cream at another place that was such a treat to visit! 

Then on to Lakeshore Smokehouse  to walk around and explore and of course, get ice cream! This place was so cool with a fairy garden, games, igloo tents, a koi pond and so much more! I definitely want to go back! 

Then check our this shot of the full moon over Lake Huron! It was so gorgeous that pictures really don’t even do it justice. 

On Sunday we again slept in late and drank coffee but then went to McCallum Orchard and Cider Mill before heading home. That was fun as I haven’t been to one in a long time since I was in TX for fall the past few years! 

They had a wine tasting area as well as a shop with various things to purchase and then another area with cider and donuts. They also have wagon rides and hay bales and a huge sunflower field and a petting zoo. I would have taken more pics but the bees just loved me too much! 

On the way home, one last stop for the best pizza roll on the planet! Can you believe this pizza roll and a pop is only $3.50? Nautilus kills it every time! They’ve been around since 1977 and the price has stayed the same! 

Yep I had to eat it in the car but it was still so delicious! 

Here’s some outfits from this past week that you might have missed: 

Not a lot but I covered everything else already in my other blog posts so make sure you’re signed up with Bloglovin so you don’t miss any posts! 

This past week I also went to my first book club at our local library. We read The Tattooist of Auschwitz and it was a great book. I would recommend if you like a story but also historical facts. 

And I watched Unbelievable on Netflix. Wow this was a hard series to watch. It was about a serial rapist and how detectives worked to find him. It was very heart wrenching to watch as the main girl was not believed and ultimately retracted her police report leading her to being criminally charged. It’s a heroic tale of police working hard on a case to bring a criminal to justice but also how criminals ruin the lives of their victims. 

I started substitute teaching again today! That was fun- a great little 2nd grade class to break me back into the groove. 

That’s about it- but it was a lot!! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 




  1. So happy to see you so happy.



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