WhatUp Wednesday #69

I forgot to take out the chicken to defrost for tonight’s dinner. I thought book club was meeting tonight only to see that it was last Tuesday night. Oh my goodness. I am off a little bit! Ever had a day like that or a week like that? Sometimes I think I’m having so much fun teaching the kids again that my brain is reverting back to being a kid...

Anyways, today’s featured look is this oh so cute and comfy dress from Ori! I love this dress so much! I’ve been waiting to share it with you guys but I wore it a couple of different ways and you all can too! 

This is a new to me company that I found and I’m so glad I did! They have limited offering as far as products go, but in return they are the best! They have taken the time to get true measurements and they have focus groups and do surveys, etc. all to get it right for us! 

Ori came out with some skirts too that I’m lusting over! Give me all the pleats and pockets and I’ll be happy! Now back to the dress...

This is one of their French terry wrap dresses and it comes with a detachable belt. I personally like to show off my waist so I wear it belted but you can leave it off if you want! I love the color of course but the fit and cut of this dress are also amazing! 

Ori also gave me a code for my readers and followers so you can use SANDAE15 and get 15% off your purchase too! I just looked and today they’re doing free shipping too (insert praise hands emoji here lol)! 

Now check out a couple of ways to style this dress

You can shop the dress here 

I’m kind of behind on Wednesday posts! I have been busy and haven’t gotten to write quite as much as I’d like. I do want to show you all some pics of outfits that I’ve posted on Instagram over the past week or two! 

I’ve noticed that my style is kind of all over the place! It’s more that I love fashion and I love to show you all different brands and styles as well! I love to mix and match but I also like to show different fits and styles that look great on everyone! 

Don’t forget to read my latest posts about some of my new partners that I’ve been working with and what they have to offer! 

I did want to let you know that I watched The Politician on Netflix and omg- have you seen it? It was definitely reminiscent of politics in bigger offices than just high school class president! 

I also read The Feather Thief for said book club above that I missed. It was definitely interesting as they talked about a robbery of feathers and bird skins in a museum and then the history of fly-tying. I didn’t pick the book and honestly, I didn’t care for it, but it was a little bit interesting and I definitely didn’t know anything about the topic. 

Tomorrow night I’m going to downtown Holland for an influencer event so that should be fun! I’ll be sharing it with you next week! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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