Adriatica Village in McKinney

In McKinney, TX, there lies a quaint little  village called Adriatica VillageIt is one of the cutest places to see! I love the European feel of this village so much! 

It was a little difficult to take pictures on this Sunday morning as people were out and about and this is actually a neighborhood. I’m especially intrigued with the roofs of the houses and all of the windows and doorways. I already know I need to go back with a photographer to truly capture all of the beauty in this little place! 

Adriatica Village is filled with houses and apartments. I just love the vibe I get from this place! There are some other shops and restaurants as well as a beautiful clock tower and fountain! It’s also home to the Bella Donna chapel that you’ll see in some of the pics. Unfortunately it was not open for me to explore and take more pics! 

There’s a beautiful view all around and you can stroll along the streets or take a walk on the surrounding sidewalks. It would also be a great place to take a picnic and sit along side the water! 

I took some shots of me in a couple of different looks (you’ll only see one in this post!) as well as some of the features around the property. Enjoy! 

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Happy Monday! 

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  1. Such a cute little town.


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