Sunday Style: Birthday Style

This past week was my birthday! I wanted to do something fun so a friend of mine and I made reservations at one of the hottest spots in town- XOXO Social Dining Room in Dallas. 

The ambience is fun and cool and cute! There’s pink everywhere including the outside making it perfect for this pink tulle dress from Fashionnova Curve! It’s really the perfect dress for a birthday or any special occasion! I love all of the layers and it’s somewhat stretchy underneath making it great if you eat too much lol! 

My friend Sarah happens to be my photographer as well and she did these pics before we ate and during our meal. She made sure to take pics so I could document everything! 

Let’s be honest, other than the dress, the cupcakes Ferris wheel was definitely the star is the show! It was so fun to get this at our table! I couldn’t believe how good it felt to get it announced with the sparkler as well! Sarah and I joked that next time someone can just get me sparklers for my birthday! I mean, she isn’t wrong! 

I ordered the F*uck Boy drink which was excellent, we ordered the Arancini appetizer which was fried balls of goodness with risotto, truffle, cheese I don’t even know what else inside of them, I ordered the Herb Grilled Chicken as a main dish and Sarah ordered the Lobster Ravioli. Of course, we finished it off with the cupcake wheel but they do have other desserts available as well. All of our food was so delicious!

Enjoy these pictures and if you’re in the area, be sure to go and check this place out! They also have a secret speak easy in the back that you might be able to get into! 

You can shop the dress here and it comes in black too! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Looks like your had a fun birthday.

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