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I’ve got another great place to recommend to you all for a stay in Dallas! It’s in downtown Dallas and is near plenty for the whole family to see and do! 

I’m talking about the Statler Hotel of course! I checked them out this past week and wow! I loved the ambiance and the retro feel and decor of the hotel. I learned they call it Retro Forward and I am here for it! There are some vintage cars parked out front of the hotel which just goes to show you what you’ll get when you get inside! 

Let’s talk a little history of the hotel first, shall we? The hotel was built in 1956 and was the first major hotel build in 30 years for the city of Dallas. It was also the first glass and metal building in the nation with a thin-skinned curtain wall design consisting of 1 3/8” panels made of glass and colored porcelain coated metal. I am getting a bit ahead of myself on this one as you haven’t even seen pics yet! 

Here’s a picture to hold you over- but check out the paneling on the building that I was just talking about! 

The Statler was the first hotel that had elevator music and there were so many modern conveniences like in-room tv’s, a mail chute system (this is still visible today!), a car lift, a rooftop helipad and box offices that allowed guests to purchase airline tickets! 

I took a tour with the director of marketing and she showed me so many cool things! I loved seeing the space and hearing about the people who had performed live on the stage and had danced on what is still the original hardwood ballroom dance floor! Don’t worry- I’ll show you all this! 

The Statler is a great place for a staycation this summer as they are running a special where if you stay the weekend (Fri and Sat) you can add on an additional night (Thurs or Sun) for 30% off! It’s really a great deal! 

There are six on site venues for eating and drinking and I visited all of them as well! So I’ll be sure to break those down for you too! You won’t need to go any further than the hotel to dine on some delicious food or go back in time to a dark speakeasy and have a drink! 

Let’s take a look at my room first and then we’ll talk about the places to eat and drink! I had a regular room with a tub! The walk in shower next to it was amazing with a rain shower head. Yes, the bathroom may have been the highlight of the room but that’s ok! I love a good free standing tub! I also had a beautiful fruit and cheese plate waiting for me which was a nice touch from the hotel! 

Let’s take a look: 

Alright on to the food and drink venues! I stopped at all of them to take a few pics. First up is Scout which is a fun little place that has a couple of bowling lanes too! Plenty of games to play as well as the ability to order food and drinks from the bar. It’s a great place to hang out and socialize! A couple of fun facts for you: Scout used to be the Empire Room and the original stain glass wall is still intact! This was a “fine dining supper club” and hosted the likes of Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra, Liberace and the Jackson Five! 

I went outside and stepped into Sfereco which is the little Italian dining option. It is attached to the building but you just need to exit the lobby and then it’s to your right. They are said to have good pizza but I didn’t try anything there as I was holding out for Mexican food for dinner! Here’s a few pics: 

Now on to dinner at Primo’s! I was warmly greeted and seated upon entering the restaurant. My server, Brandon, took amazing care of me! I was also greeted by the manager multiple times when he checked in with me and the Chef came out to talk about the menu and the restaurant. It was a great experience and I would recommend the restaurant whether you are staying at the hotel or not! 

Here’s what I ordered:

Blood Orange Guavarita
Primo Villa Dip
Chile Dusted 8 Oz Beef Tenderloin 
Tres Leches Cake 

Everything was so delicious! I’d definitely go back for the food! 

Now to check out a speakeasy! Bourbon and Banter used to be a barber shop downstairs and now it’s been turned into a little speakeasy! They pay homage to its past with drinks like one called the Pompadour! I got one called The Phoenix and it was delicious! The bartender asked me what I liked and made a drink based on that. The manager came and asked me about the drink and my experience and he took me up to the rooftop bar called Waterproof! Here’s some pics of Bourbon and Banter first tho: 

On to the rooftop bar, Waterproof! I didn’t get tons of pics of these last two because it was nighttime and I was just really enjoying myself! The rooftop bar used to be a helipad back in the day and it’s just a cool space with a good vibe! You can reserve a cabana if you’d like or just walk around and take in the views of the city around you. There’s a statue of Llinda Llee Llama who is the official mascot of the hotel. Talk about my kind of hotel! I really didn’t stay up there long so I didn’t get a ton of pics but trust me, you’ll want to check it out when you go! 

Overeasy is the last food and drink venue on site at the hotel. I’ll tell you that I have mixed feelings on this one. It wouldn’t be right if I told you it was amazing because I didn’t think it was. I didn’t feel very welcome from the manager when I asked for a different table but also, as a VIP guest at this hotel, I felt like I wasn’t treated very well in general from them. I received vouchers in exchange for meals which they didn’t know how to use or even familiar with them. I wanted to be like I didn’t print them out from my computer lol but it’s all good. Perhaps the manager was having a bad morning?

I ordered the Short Rib Hash as a recommendation from the chef at Primo’s. I didn’t care for it as I didn’t feel it was seasoned properly. I also ordered coffee that I thought was way too strong so I asked for an orange juice instead. I told the waitress I didn’t care for my food but she didn’t offer a different dish, just offered to take my plate. She tried to charge me for the drinks - it just wasn’t a good experience overall of someone who is reviewing your property! By the way, I also told them that I was an influencer reviewing the restaurant and this is still how I was treated. Smh maybe another time would be better?! I hope so! I’d love to try it again sometime! 

Let’s move on to the pool! It was closed for maintenance when I was there but I was able to go and take a look at it! Fun fact: The Statler is part hotel and part residences! That’s right- you can live at The Statler! The pool used to only be open to residents so it’s got kind of a weird entrance via stairs but there are signs to guide you! 

I was also able to look around at more like the ballroom which was closed but I loved being able to see the stage and the original hardwood floors from the 50’s! Incredible to think about that time in history! I also looked around on the second floor which is where the old box office is located and other spaces.

I took some other pics of the lobby and some other areas in the hotel so enjoy these pics! 

Overall my stay at The Statler Hotel was marvelous and I loved it! I’d definitely recommend especially while there’s this great staycation deal going on! Remember you can stay the weekend (Fri and Sat) and add a night (Thurs or Sun) for 30% off! 

This was a fun place to visit and enjoy the decor as well as the experience. I loved learning more about the history of the hotel and there’s so much more that I didn’t even cover in this post! 

On November 1, 2018, The Statler was the 300th hotel to be inducted into the Historic Hotels of America, National Trust for Historic Preservation for being a historic hotel of excellence and being actively and passionately involved in preserving The Statler. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of The Statler! Where should I go next? 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


The Statler


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