Travel Tuesday: Get Around Top Curated Experiences

Hi friends! Today’s post is all about something fun that I did while I was most recently in Round Top, Texas! Get Around Top Curated Experiences has a few different tours that you can take and I had so much fun! 

Michelle Wilson who is the owner and tour guide reached out to me asking if I’d like to come and take a tour of Round Top and of course I said Yes! I love visiting this town and I thought it might be fun to learn and see more about some of the artisans in the town!

We did the Artisan Tour which takes you around to some of the businesses, introduces you to the owners, allows you to sample some deliciousness and is just an all around good time! 

Let me give you a few basics: 

Michelle is a wonderful host! You will meet her up at Lollitop Sweet Shop and then it’s a walking tour from there. Wear comfortable shoes. Be prepared for the heat- pack or wear a hat and cool clothes and sunscreen. Bring water when it’s hot out like it was last week for us! It’s mostly on your feet but there are some seats available at most of the stops. Have fun! 

You can get more info about the tours here

This is us at the end of the tour but wanted to show you a little sneak peek of where you end! 

We started at Lollitop Sweet Shop with mimosas and some homemade biscuits that the owner made for us. Lollitop Sweet Shop is more than just sweets! They also have some items that they make for breakfast and lunch as well as coffee drinks available for sale. 

Their main thing is the candy though and I was here for it! The store is filled with candy from top to bottom literally and the decorations are too cute! 

A bonus stop that wasn’t planned was next door where the owners of this shop are opening a brewery! Round Top Brewing is expected to open this fall! We were able to taste a sample that still needed a couple more weeks but was already delicious! 

Next stop was Southern Beasts. This is a little shop where the owner and artist makes beautiful tapestry pieces. She finds items like beautiful antique kimonos or quilts and then adheres them to a form of some sort. I saw lots of animals that were beautifully done! She also has some artists consign items that you can purchase as well. 

Next stop: cheese! That’s right! Round Top has a new little cheese shop called Little Cheese Shop that’s cute and has everything you need to make the perfect charcuterie board! 

Next stop was the cute little jewelry shop called Mallory et Cie. Mallory loves all things French and she works to collect items that can be worn in different ways. I love that she has little Chanel bottles as pendants on necklaces! You can mix and match chains and pendants and they have other beautiful jewelry items, scarves and much more! I thought everything was very unique and definitely wouldn’t be able to find them here in Dallas. 

On to our next stop which is The Humble Donkey. Artist and painter John Lowery has all of his paintings and prints available for sale in this studio. It’s a very relaxed place and we were greeted with wine and beer when we walked in! Considering it was so ungodly hot outside, this was a nice treat combined with the air conditioning! Fun fact: Every time someone buys a piece of his art, a bell rings and it’s accompanied by shouts of “A donkey got its wings!” 

John also has another culinary craft artisan named Alton Janelle within his studio and he forges different steels and metals - some of the most beautiful work! 

Last stop was wrapping up at Royers Cafe where you can choose to eat lunch. We actually ate there the night before so we opted for lunch at one of our favorite spots, Local Roots. We did see the owner JB but we already knew about him and his cafe! 

Every other week, they rotate with his sister, Tara, who owns Royers Pie Haven. This place is unbelievable and as I’m writing this, I want a piece of pie! Tara is also an author and has recently appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan! 

All in all, this tour was fun and I enjoyed getting a guided experience of seeing the little town. It was fun to meet new people and you also get a 10% discount at the stops on the tour! 

You can find more info here on the tour. Let me know if you’re in town and you take one! Next one I want to do is the wine tour! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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