Sunday Style: High Tea with Lemon

This week I was able to cross another item off of my Forty Before Forty list and that was have high tea in a tearoom. My husband said that we actually had tea before on Mackinac Island but I didn't remember that. I figured it would have been about 9 or 10 years ago that he was talking about. I put this on my list because I have always wanted to say " I'm going to go have tea". Sadly, there were no crumpets but we did have scones and tarts. 

I'm fortunate to have friends that want to share in doing things on my list. I ask different friends to do different activities based on interests that I know they have and things we share in common. My friends Rebekah and Rachel went to tea with me and they were the perfect people to share this experience with. 

I'll get back to the tea in a minute but I wanted to talk about what I wore first. I had been eyeing this dress from Banana Republic for a while and I decided to get it back in May. I hadn't been shopping much but decided the print was so unique and fun that I wanted to give this dress a try. I ordered the dress in two sizes and of course, the size I really should have gotten ended up being sold out and they only sent one size. I returned the dress and then noticed they had a skirt so I ordered the skirt. I got it and tried it on but I thought it was a little short for my taste. I just happened to go back online and noticed that all of the sizes were restocked. Score! Ordered the dress a second time and was so excited to finally wear it! 

Where's the perfect place to wear a dress like this? Why, tea of course! So I donned this lemon frock and set out to meet my friends for tea. Here are some pictures of this lovely lemon dress:

We met at the Sweet Afton Tearoom in downtown Plymouth on a sunny afternoon. It was the first time that any of us had been there. We read over the menu and made our selections. I ordered the Orange Cinammon tea and it was amazing! Great flavor and went well with all of the food. Cucumber with curried mayonnaise and egg salad were my sandwhich choices and these were served with mini quiches as well. I chose the cranberry orange scone and the butter and lemon tarts. Such a great afternoon! 

Enjoy these pics for our tearoom outing: 

So, another item is crossed off and another thing that was a lot of fun! Thanks to Rebekah and Rachel for joining me for tea! 



  1. that looks like a real English Tea, what fun

  2. I love this Sandae! You looked gorgeous in your dress, and I think I need ti make a trip to a tea room soon ;)


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