Currently Craving: Altuzarra for Target

Anyone else a fan of the Target collaborations? I always look forward to seeing which designers Target will partner with and then which pieces and patterns the designers produce. Altuzarra for Target is no exception. There are some classic pieces like trench coats, pencil skirts and crisp shirts as well as more modern pieces like a maxi dress with a high slit and printed python pieces. 

I wanted to show you all my picks for all of the fellow curvy girls out there. I think most designers think of their market when designing pieces- market meaning buyers and their body types- and design items that would work for everyone. This line has a lot of items that would work well for multiple body types and I like it! 

Here's my first pick: 

This look is one of my favorites- mainly because of the shapes of the clothing and accessories pictured. One of my  
favorite things that I like to do is belt a dress or like in this case, a blouse and a skirt. It commands attention to your waist, overlooking any other parts of your body that perhaps make you self conscious. This outfit is visually interesting because of the python print but also because of the belt and the shoes. Thumbs up on this one for sure! 

Here is the second look that I like:

The classic trench will never go out of style. It's something that I love to wear- whether it's a raincoat or a winter coat, I like it because the style is simple and is flattering when belted (remember the waist I mentioned before?). The dress under this is actually a wrap dress which is also flattering since it cinches in at the waist. 

Third on my list: 

I love this look! The classic button down has been updated with the flower graphic print. This might be one of my favorites! I also love a flared skirt. They are always flattering because they fit in the waist and then flare out. This style is great for those of us with ample hips. Notice the belted look again also. 

Fourth on my list is this outfit which is almost the same as the one above:

Because the two items on the list are the same, you might skim over this part. However, keep in mind your body type and point of interest where you want people to focus. A rounded neck like this one will look stunning with a statement necklace causing people to look up. This style is so camouflaging and great for those of us who have certain problem areas. The neckline in the dress shirt picture will cause people to focus on (ahem) other areas when worn as shown. 

Fifth is this pretty dress: 

I mentioned a wrap dress earlier. This is such a great shape since the neckline is a vee causing people to look down and there is a sash or belt in the middle giving a great shape. The skirt appears to be more a-line than straight which is great for girls with bigger hips. The color is also beautiful and a minimal print can also be very slimming. 

Sixth on my list:

Another dress- but I couldn't resist. The color and detail is just beautiful on this dress. I would definitely pair it with a pair of black boots as well as this belt or I would pair it with a pair of cognac riding boots or even a suede bootie with a denim jacket and think that look would be great as well! 


A sweatshirt with a beautiful floral print. Enough said. I would actually get a lot of wear out of this one so I am leaning towards getting this versus the shirt. This could be dressed up or down depending on what it would be worn with. I think it would look lovely tucked into the fit and flare black skirt and belted  and I think it would be cute with a pair of jeans and some heels. I am definitely getting this one as long as the feel of the material is something that I like. 

No list would be complete without a shoe so here's my pick:

I love a good ankle strap shoe and who says curvy girls can't wear ankle straps? Something to remember though is the thickness of the strap: if it is too thick, it cuts off the line of the leg and does not look great- these seem to be not too thick so they would work for any size (my opinion). These might be a little high for me but I will definitely give them a try-on! 

So there you have my picks. I am planning on getting into the store early if I can to look. Tip: make sure you look online to see which store near you is carrying this collection. Not all stores will get it. I don't think that this will sell out as quickly as the Phillip Lim for Target line or cause craziness like the Missoni for Target line (remember that one?) but I would like to get there early to get the best selection and try on. 

Altuzarra for Target lands in stores and online on September 14. It is also selling via Netaporter. You can see the full lookbook here: Altuzarra Lookbook

I can't wait to see your looks and what pieces you all get! If you are on Instagram, tag me with your looks and purchases! 



  1. There no Target but what I have seen of this collection its going to be a good one.


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