Eva Gets Me

I will admit that I forgot I bought this dress earlier in the summer. I even counted it on my list and showed it to you all as a purchase from New York and Company but I just remembered today that I had never worn it.

Shocker! I know-when you have a lot of clothes in your closet (I am not bragging) sometimes you forget what you have and/or don’t always take the time to wear something multiple times. I need to get better at wearing everything that I have!

Anyways, I have written a couple of other blog posts about New York and Company and Eva Mendes and how much I love her line of clothing. I like to say that Eva gets me because it is like she designs these fit and flare dresses just for me and my body type. I like the way that she chooses fun patterns and prints and sticks with the same silhouettes of her clothing.

This dress is no exception to this rule-she just gets me! I love the “tribal” type print of this dress but I also like the newer neckline with a squared look and of course strappy because it is from her summer line. Bonus: I love having pockets in a dress!
I wore a brown and yellow (also "tribal") statement necklace that was purchased at the same time from Eva Mendes' summer line. I put leopard heels with this only because I like the pattern mixing and the added fun with these shoes.

Here are some pictures of this fabulous dress:

Thanks again to Eva and New York and Company for making dresses that fit and flatter everyone’s body types!

Thanks for reading and following along with me! Happy Friday!



  1. I know the feeling on forget what you own. It happens to me a lot. Have a great wekend


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