WhatUp Wednesday #18

Happy Wednesday!

Sweater- Dia & Co
Top- Target
Jeans- Melissa McCarthy
Boots- Just Fab

Just a simple look for staying home and then going out to get groceries today! But first let me say thank you for all of the kind words and comments that you all left me with my last post. I am still processing the whole job thing but it will make sense in due time-I am certain of this.

I have been sick over the last week and have spent a good amount of time at home in bed so I have had lots of time to catch up on books and Netflix. The first book I read was In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. I enjoyed this book even though it was a bit of a thriller since this isn’t typically what I read. I recently read her book The Woman In Cabin 10 which was also a thriller and discovered that I really enjoyed her writing.

The other book I read was Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. This was a novel-an easy read-about girls growing up and being sisters on the Island for the summer. Not much more than that to say about this book-it was frivolous nonsense but was a fun read nonetheless.

As far as Netflix goes, I watched both seasons of Haters Back Off featuring Miranda Sings. I wish I could get those hours back that I wasted but what difference does it make? I was already laying in bed…It was complete nonsense and a total trainwreck and I wanted to make her lipstick look  better the entire time I watched it. It also made me realize that my life isn’t that chaotic or upside down if you ever see how it is in this series. I don’t know that I would recommend it unless if you have nothing else to watch and time on your hands.

I also finished all eleven seasons of It’s Always Sunny inPhiladelphia. I started this show a while ago but finally finished it all. It was entertaining and I kind of felt like it was similar to Seinfeld but not as funny or as well written. It is about a group of people who own a bar and do everything together. They are also not really good people-they are always scamming and they are getting caught. The jokes are funny but the nature of the show is definitely more mature and not as light.

I am currently almost finished watching The Office- The BBC edition. This is the first time for me watching this and it is only two seasons which is easy. I love The Office and all of the characters and it was fun comparing the US version to the British version.

I visited a new restaurant last week called Tupelo Honey. I went with a couple of co-workers and a vendor of ours and it was fantastic food and company! I know this is a chain restaurant so if you have one in your area, I would highly recommend it! We got Dry Hopped Sweet Tea on Nitro, Burnt Ends Brisket sandwich with mac and cheese and we ordered the Mason Jars desserts and some pecan pie which was super delicious! An amazing lunch menu for sure!

And here is a recap of the most recent outfits since my last WhatUp Wednesday post:

Not much else going on over here this week! I will be posting a few of my favorite things or places for shopping this weekend. While I won't be out and about for anything in particular, I love sharing my finds with all of you! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and follow along in my stories! I do try-ons as well as share things that I think might interest all of you!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


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