Sunday Style: The Phoenix

Happy Sunday! I want to share a beautiful dress with you all but I also want to talk about the Phoenix. The reason this idea came about is because this dress from Atelier Sorokka is called the Phoenix! I looked up the definition of what a Phoenix is and found it to be a bird in Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.

I started thinking about my life and how I think this bird represents me. I’m in the middle of my own regeneration and rebirth of loving myself and learning to live again. While I don’t need to share everything with you all and go into detail, I do want you to know that I’m a survivor and I’m back to caring for myself the way I should. We all need love but we have to start with loving ourselves first. 

So this Phoenix arises from the ashes of its predecessor. It regenerates from the bird it was before and becomes a new bird. How many of us need to look at life differently perhaps and renew ourselves? I think it doesn’t mean a total do-over necessarily even just perhaps there is a part of our lives or our selves that might need to change. Just something to ponder over on a Sunday evening! 

Here are some pictures of this beautiful Phoenix dress from Atelier Sorokka. I paired some silver shoes with this and some pearl and silver earrings (not so sure you can see those) but really the dress needs very few accessories since it is such a beautiful all over print! One of the the things I really love about this company is that they want all women to feel beautiful in their clothing and they will custom make it to fit you! I love this so much! 

How’s your weekend treating you? Mine went by way too quickly!

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. So happy to hear your back to loving your self.


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