WhatUp Wednesday #24

Hey everyone! I haven't written on here for a little bit on Wednesdays because I have been busy! I think everyone knows by now that I am on unemployment now and I am taking some time off of work to work on my blog and continue to work with Lularoe. I am at peace with my situation for the time being and just enjoying a little bit of down time from the corporate world. 

Before I forget, one of my favorite companies, Karina Dresses, that I write about all of the time has launched a new collection called Garden Party. OMG! You guys I love all of the prints and fabrics and this collection is a home run! I am wearing the Ruby Dress in Boho Blossoms and it is true love! Here are some pics of me in this gorgeous dress: 

I have linked it for you and you can also click on the button on the right to go directly to their site. 

So here's what else I have been up to lately! In the way of restaurants, I did visit a new one called True Food Kitchen and it was amazing! It is located in the new part of the Shops at Legacy called Legacy West in Plano. That area is being built up so quickly and there is all kinds of shops and restaurants there. Anyways, I ordered this Mediterranean Chicken Pita-It was grilled and I did a side of sweet potato hash. It was so amazing! Here's a pic so you can have your tastebuds start drooling:

Let's see-I am also reading a book called The Book Thief which I am almost done reading. It has been so good because it is set in a historical time yet it is a good fiction read. I have been intrigued the entire time while reading it too which isn't always the case with some books that I read. It is in the Young Adult Fiction section of the library and I have also linked it here for you. 

I am also loving the show American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Is anyone else watching this? I record it and then usually watch later in the week but it is so good!

I am also listening to the podcast Atlanta Monster which is about the child murders in Atlanta in the late seventies and early eighties. It talks about the capture of Wayne Williams and now we are in the part where he is in jail and of course declaring his innocence. I am really on the fence about whether or not he did it and just listening to this story is so intriguing and informative!

Here are some of my most recent outfit pics- if you aren't following me on Instagram, you should! I post daily outfit pics and my stories are fun and about places I go or things I am doing. @curvygirlontherun is my name on Instagram as well!

I asked over on my Instagram what you would do if you had some time off and money was no option. The majority of people mentioned traveling which of course I would also love to do! What would you all do if you could?

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. you sure know how to rock a dress. The food you got at the restaurant sounds super good.



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