WhatUp Wednesday #25 (A Day Late)

This week has just gotten the better of me I think! I am happy tomorrow is Friday because honestly, I'm looking forward to sleeping in or just staying in bed on Saturday morning! It seems like everyone across the country is having weird weather so maybe that's part of my uckiness- for lack of a better word...

So, I usually share with you all what I've been up to and this week is no different! I just finished the book Lily and the Octopus and it was very good. I have to say that I legit ugly cried and it was no joke. The book was well written but it is about a dog who has a tumor on its head. It's no spoiler for me to tell you that. I would recommend reading the book as it is just phenomenal how this man loves his dog. It's a book about relationships past and present and I think you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

I also watched the whole season one show of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. Oh I loved this show!! I mean first of all the fashion is divine as it is set in the 50's but the storyline is just perfect! It was entertaining and left me wanting more! I mean when is season 2 coming out anyways?! 

Many of you know I've been looking for a job and really trying to think about my next steps in life. Losing a job for a lot of people is heartbreaking and devastating - for me it was too. But in life we are often reminded that our steps might not be our own. Meaning there might be a different path that is being laid for us to walk on. This is no different for me. I've been loving not working in a corporate environment so it might be the way I choose to go. I'm thinking about some things I love to do and ways I can work for myself as well. This wasn't the path that I chose, but it's the one I'm on. All I know is that He will provide for us all of our wants and needs. I'll leave you with that. 

So here's a look that I'm loving this week: it's a mixture of denim and comfort and boho style all in one. I'm loving everything kimono still and these Lularoe ones are no different! I paired these ripped jeans with a tee and kimono and flats and a fun bag. What do you all think? 

Here's a recap of some of the outfits over this past week: 

I went to Board and Brush again in Plano and I made this awesome planter box! I am really so happy that everything I make turns out so well! They also gave me four pots for it and I'm going to get some succulents this weekend! 

I also really enjoyed a fun girls' day on Sunday with brunch, nails and then a trip to a winery. I know I'm basic but it was a lot of fun and I'm thankful to have made new friends too! We went to The Fatted Calf in Rockwell for brunch and it was so amazing! Then nails then a trip to the Landon Winery in Greenville. Such a fun day! 

Anyone have any suggestions for me? Please let me know! I love to know what you all are enjoying too! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Sounds like your week is going well.



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