Sunday Style: Pretty in Pink

Another week has come and gone and here we are on Sunday night again!  I usually write at night on Sunday after I’ve spent the day doing things that I either enjoy or need to know or both! 

Today I went and had a fabulous brunch with a friend and enjoyed the warmer weather! It’s such a treat since it’s February! It has been raining and windy and cold here most recently so it’s definitely welcome. If only it would stick around for a while! Who knows it might?! The weather is so finicky and changes every day around here. 

So for today’s outfit, I must admit I feel like a little Victorian or maybe I belong on Downton Abby?! I must thank my friend Rynetta for tracking down this amazing blouse for me! I wanted this forever and couldn’t find it. Thankfully, she did! I paired it with this Lularoe Jill skirt that I got back in 2017 as part of their Elegant collection. I call it the feather skirt but some call it eyelash. Either way, it’s amazing! Some of you might have seen that I also have it in red and wore it last week! 

I’ll admit that I struggled to find what I wanted to put with this blouse. It’s got beautiful pearls and bows and cuffs and what would be as amazing to pair it with? I like it with this skirt and all of the pink. I thought it was a fun mixture of colors and textures. Because the skirt has a black waistband, I wore black on the bottom on pantyhose and shoes. I’m still loving these SSY Designs shoe jewelz. I love how they add an extra element to any pair of shoes you have! 

Here’s a few pics of today’s pretty in pink look: 

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and don’t have a case of the Sunday scaries! Did you know that was a thing? It is for a lot of people so I hope you all get a good nights sleep and are prepared for the week ahead! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. That bow top is super cute. Have a great week.


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