Kohl's Beauty Box Review

My love for testing products started early in life. I remember being a teenager and walking in the mall and one of those lovely ladies came up and asked me if I wanted to get paid to test a product. I happily agreed and was sent to their office to receive a sample of an astringent for my face. I remember how bad this product was and that it was so strong, it removed the ink from my auto show stamp on my hand.

Now I am a bit more hesitant to try products as I have more sensitive skin and need to be careful with what I put on my face. Imagine my delight though when I was contacted by Kohl's and asked to try a beauty box! I willingly agreed and they sent it to my home. 

The first product I tried was the Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion. This was very creamy as it was applied on wet fingertips and massaged into the skin. It helps to exfoliate and smooth the skin while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores. It also helps to reduce the age spots that you have as well as any hyperpigmentation. I used this product as directed for the first week every other day and then took a week off as suggested. This product was wonderful as an exfoliant and I immediately noticed the smoothness in my skin. 

The second product I reached for was the H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment. I used this right after the first product and I literally felt like I had just paid money to have a facial. It works to hydrate your skin and plump any fine lines that you have to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh all day. It's safe to say that I am in love with this product! The texture was nice as I applied it and was not greasy or oily. I almost felt like I could to without makeup because I didn't want to mess up my super clean skin! 

The third product I used then was the Pur Minerals Primer. This primer helps to brighten and firm skin and also helps makeup to stay on and help foundation look beautiful. I have to say that I liked this primer but the smell reminded me a little of bee pollen or the scent of Flonase. It was a nice, smooth, creamy texture but the smell was a little overwhelming for me. To be fair, other primers I have used also smell similar so it must be an ingredient that is included in this type of product. 

I used all of these products together for a week and everytime I used them, I felt like I had a facial. They all made my skin feel wonderful and clean. Such a great feeling! 

The fourth product I used was the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush. This brush helps to aid in a precise application of liquid or cream eyeliner. I used it with my liquid eyeliner and I loved it. The brush is a perfect size, lightweight and compact and the bristles are very smooth and silky. It's a great brush! I would try more brushes from this company! 

The fifth and final product that I tried was the Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer. This is a terra cotta color and is a silky smooth luminous bronzing powder for a sun-kissed look. I tested this on my arms since I am in the frozen tundra right now and won't be going anywhere without something on my legs. It was definitely silky feeling and left a little sparkle on my arms which was fun. The scent was a little weird though and reminds me of a pipe - I know that sounds really weird. I'm not saying I don't like the scent but all of this type of "self tanner" or "bronzer" lotions have some sort of scent like that. Again, it's probably an ingredient that is similar in all of them. 

Here are some pictures of the box and the items. 

Overall, I thought this beauty box was a hit! The products were top quality and worked well. I was surprised to see that Kohl's was in the market for this type of product that other high-end retail stores sell as well. I would definitely give them a look if you're needing some sort of beauty item as I know the quality will be great and, it's Kohl's, so you know the price will also be great! 

Have you tried any of these products or others from Kohl's? Did you know that they sold products like these? Will you give them a try now? I'm curious to hear your thoughts! 



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