Pining Over Pinterest

Does anybody out there love Pinterest besides me? For the most part, I know that Pinterest took over the need for me to clip out articles from magazines and newspapers.  If I like a recipe now and I see it in a magazine, I will go to that website and see if it’s on there and then pin it! Done! No more keeping stacks of papers!

If I see an item that I like on a website, I can look for their Pinterest button and pin it to one of my boards. I especially like this for my fashion boards as they can vary based on the type of items that I am looking at.

I have also learned cleaning and organizing tips off of Pinterest.  Who knew that Cream of Tartar actually worked on rust stains? I learned this and so many more tips on Pinterest.

Who likes the secret boards? I know I do currently have one secret board and trust me, it’s a good one! I love to plan things like parties and vacations and surprises and I certainly don’t need my followers asking me questions about what I have pinned! I love that they came out with that option!

I decided to write about Pinterest today because coincidentally, today’s momomod challenge is a Pinterest- inspired look.  (Here's the link to my friend Chandra's blog again that I talked about earlier in the week, More Modern Modesty . It's also Thursday which means over on my friend Heather’s blog, HK Style Journey it’s Pinned It and Did It Day! I think this is such a fun idea that she came up with and I decided it’s high time that I link up with her! 

Today’s Pinterest-inspired outfit is something that I would wear but maybe not have thought to wear it. I will be honest in saying that I actually had another really fun and colorful outfit picked out and ready to go and then it started snowing! This other outfit was not as appropriate to be out and about in the snow wearing so guess what! I put a pin in it (insert irony here) and will save it for another time! I love this look and it was so fun to recreate it! I am wearing my Loft sequin striped tee that I love from last year over top of an a Old Navy plaid and paired my favorite black skinny jeans with them. I'm wearing my pearl strands from J Crew Factory and you will notice the fabulous leopard Sam and Libby booties that are from Target. I will add that I had my eye on these booties for months (I am not exaggerating) and then they went on clearance at 50% off right before I started my 2014 Closet Remix challenge! Score! I'm also carrying a fantastic teal Steve Madden bag that, get this, I found in my closet! It still had tags on it and was in the back of the closet. Yet another reason I am doing the remix challenge...
 Here's a picture of the Pinterest look that I am recreating. 

Here's my version of this the snow...enjoy! 

This was such a simple look and one that really didn’t take any effort to recreate. Bonus! I already had all of the pieces in my closet! I am so glad that I looked on Pinterest and came up with this look. It really helps me to think outside of the box and wear my clothes in a creative way. 

I will definitely be using Pinterest again to recreate outfits and you should too! It’s so easy to sign up and get an account if you don’t already have one and it’s free! You will find all sorts of things on it and it's a really great place to keep them all organized and in one place. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. I love your mix of sparkles and plaid!! Great shoes!!

  2. I love me some Pinterest! Great ideas, doe everything. Haven't tried a Pinterest look out yet, but you're rocking it. Have you made your #PinItToGiveIt board from Elizabeth Arden? Check it out.

  3. Love the look
    I have that shirt, Loft right?
    I will have to recreate this look soon

  4. You nailed this! Loving the stripes, plaid and of course the sparkles. You are one brave gal out there in the snow! What we do to get outfit photos, lol! Thanks so much for linking up with Pinned It and Did It. I hope you will come back soon!


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