Sunday Style: Pink Punk

If you've read any this blog before or know me personally, you know I love the color pink. It's funny because I can't say that I really liked the color pink a whole lot before I got married many years ago. I think my husband secretly tried to make me less of a tomboy by deliberately buying pink things for me. But I digress... He did purchase this jacket for me for Christmas though after I asked for it. I happened to see it 50% off during my Black Friday shopping and purchased it and he wrapped it up for me for Christmas. In my defense, he had looked for it prior to that and it was not on sale. So naturally when I saw it on sale, I had to get it! 

I first saw this cool moto jacket in Gap probably back in October sometime though. I think it's really meant to be an outerwear item, but because it's so cold here, I decided to wear it as a jacket over a dress. I think it's a little "punk" and adds some edge to any outfit. 

I wore this fun jacket over a black dress that I purchased from New York and Company last year. You may remember it from a previous post about Wedding Wear. I love pieces that you can make look different and wear multiple ways. I also still love the dresses by Eva Mendes for New York and Company. Her designs are for women like me! They fit and flatter in all the right places! 

Adding to the edge of this outfit, I added some dark metal accessories from Premier Designs. I bought this necklace and earrings a couple of years ago when I attended a friend's party. I loved the metal chain look and was surprised at how fun and affordable they were! I also have a fun party ring from Lia Sophia that I got as a hostess gift a couple of years ago. It's so fun and I love the colors in it! 

Instead of shoes or heels, I decided to go with black booties from Kohls since we have snow on the ground and it's so cold! I think they make this outfit maintain it's edge and add to the fun of the whole look! I also chose polka dot tights for some additional visual interest and texture. 

Hey! Did you notice my new hairdo? I'm loving my hairstylist, Sharon, right now for giving me this amazing cut and color! 

Hope you're all having a great weekend! It's a three day weekend for me since I'm off work tomorrow! Enjoy! 



  1. I love the hair! :) Where did you get your tights? I've been looking for tights with polka dots. There is a pair on the Kate Spade website but they had poor reviews. Grr.

  2. This jacket is amazing! I've been really wanting it but I keep missing it for some reason. Blasts!

    You look awesome :)

    Michelle | Oats and Bows

  3. Hello,
    Really like your photos honey. You're a pretty woman. You are the proof that large curvy women can be beautiful in black dresses and tights too. Woul love to hear from you


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