Forty Before Forty: Archery

A couple of weeks ago I tried one of my other items on my list- archery. I'm telling you that if you have never used sites like Groupon or Living Social, you should! It gives you the opportunity to try things, like this, at a cheaper price. I bought this archery Groupon and it was good for two people for the equipment and the range at a great price.

Anyways, my friend also wanted to try archery so she and I headed out to the indoor range on a Thursday night for some fun. Yes, I did not dress for archery and yes, I was the only one in glitter at the range. I just wanted to wear what I already had on earlier in the day! 

We got there and showed our licenses and then signed all the paperwork. The man took us over to the range and asked us if we had ever shot a bow before. Of course, judging by my outfit, I am sure he thought there's no way they've ever been to a place like this before!

He gave us a bow and a can of arrows. He told us how to load the arrow into the bow and then he showed us how to shoot it. Of course I messed up a lot at first but then to my surprise, it actually was a lot of fun! 

We shot for about an hour and had a lot of fun. I never hit a bullseye but my friend did- I was okay with that! In fact, I was happy for her! If it were me, I probably would have screamed or shouted or something because I was so excited! Probably better that I didn't hit one then now that I think about it! 

The guys that worked there came over a few times to help us and make sure we were okay. My friend and I are both thinking of taking our kids with us and going again since we liked it so much. 

Enjoy these pictures from our outing! 

I think I'm ready! 

Maybe not? 

And there I went! 

My friend Kelly and I shooting together

That was fun! 

Here's the closest I got- not too bad! 

I'm crossing another thing off my list and so far, I've had so much fun doing them! I hope you keep reading and following along with me to see what I've got planned for the next thing to cross off my list! 



  1. Sound and looks like you had a great time.

  2. What a fun challenge for yourself and a wonderful way to celebrate this age! Love that pink sweater!!!!


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