Sunday Style: Cozy

Another cold Sunday in the D. Yesterday it was a little warmer but today we are still in the twenties. Spring has sprung but not officially here in Michigan. Usually I dress up on Sundays but I got a call yesterday that the family wanted to meet up for breakfast. Since we don't see each other that often, I don't like to turn down an invitation to meet and catch up. 

I was kind of glad to not have to dress up today since it is so cold and coincidentally, today's Style Me March challenge is titled Cozyness is Happiness. 

I picked this outfit today because I think of what could be cozier than a sweatshirt? I love this one from Kohls that I bought last year because it is pretty with all of the embellishments on it. It's large enough to layer (which you all know I love to do) so I decided to be a little springy today with a flowered button up from JCrew that I got last summer. It's perfect for layering like this or wearing on its own. 

I'm so cozy wearing jeans and boots too. It's just been my uniform for the last five months so I will admit that I am growing tired of basically the same look. Before you know it though, it will be hot and we will be in dresses, shorts, and sandals again! 

I'm bringing out the green with this cool bracelet that I picked up from Target last summer and my fabulous bag that I got at TJ MAxx. I'm super cozy and comfortable in this outfit! 

I'm wearing sunglasses but don't let it fool you! It's still freezing out here taking these pics! Enjoy! 

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! 



  1. I'm so not miss Michigan. I do miss my family that lives there. Prefect outfit for a sunday


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