Sunday Style: Perfectly Parisian

Well, it happened again. I had a perfectly lovely outfit to wear and it dumped snow on us again. I can't really get away with wearing the beautiful striped dress and heels when there is so much snow on the ground! I am so over winter! 

Anyways, I started a new challenge on Instagram yesterday called Style Me March. If you're on IG, you can use the hashtag #stylememarch to follow along with all of us doing the challenge. I love Hilary Rushford and the style challenges that she puts together. These are fun because they encourage you to use what you have and it's just basically a theme of sorts for the day. I can be as creative as I want when planning my outfits. Today's theme is Perfectly Parisian. 

Now I have never been to Paris (I would love to go though someday) and am not really sure what one might wear there but I confess I did look at Pinterest to see what Parisian style might be. I already had a notion of what I might try to dress like when I picked out the striped dress that didn't work out due to the weather. I saw a lot of stripes and trench coats and black so I knew I would be okay with basically whatever I chose. 

I decided to pair this Chanel-esque sweater from New York and Company that I purchased a few years ago with some black denim. It's too cold and snowy for a skirt. I found this striped sequin tank (new with tags still) from Loft hanging in my closet and thought they would be a good match. Now I need some color in my life, so I decided to wear this coral flower necklace to top it off. I actually ordered this necklace from Groopdealz last year when they were all the rage. I am wearing my black booties from Kohls and using my leopard clutch from Forever 21. 

I am also wearing sunnies from Loft and the green ring I found at Old Navy. I'm actually loving this outfit today and think I would wear it again! I'm not sure how Parisian it is but it sure is a fun outfit to wear going out or staying in. 

Here are some pics from today's outfit: 

What do you all think? Parisian enough? Are any of you doing this challenge with me? 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 



  1. I love this! the pop of color around your neck ties it together nicely! Way to go, Sandae!

  2. Love that black and white stripes are all the rage right now. I'm wearing a black and white striped tank from Maurices and a red cardigan from Forever 21. Hmmm...a leopard scarf would be just the thing for the "Parisian" to shop for one.


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