Style Me March- Days 1-10

I cannot believe that we are so far into March already! I have really been enjoying the Style Me challenges that @hilaryrushford has been putting together over on Instagram so I decided to join in once again this month! 

I've said it before and I will say it again that I love these challenges so much because it acts as a guide and really helps me to be more creative! While I am still in the midst of remixing my own closet, having something like this helps me to stretch and really think about putting things together that I may not have done before. 

I'll get down to it and share my looks for the first ten days. Enjoy! 

Day1- My Favorite Color- my favorite color is green so I chose to use this gorgeous green bag with my outfit for the day. 

Day 2- Perfectly Parisian- I featured this in a Sunday Style post but I wanted to wear something different but had to wear this outfit instead because of the cold weather. I love that I haven't worn this sweeter for a while and this was actually the first time wearing this sequin striped tank. 

Day 3- A Steal of a Deal- this might actually be one of my favorite outfits so far! I loved mixing all of these bright colors together! I just used items I already had and used the theory that I am totally thrifty with everything that I purchase! 

Day 4- Put a Belt on It- I actually loved this outfit a lot too. This navy and whiite striped skirt is one of my favorites and I remember buying it from Anthropologie a couple of years ago after seeing it in the store in CA in The Grove. I really love the mustard with it and the leopard belt helps to add some unexpected fun while accentuating my waist. 

Day 5- All About the Eyes- this is why I like this challenge! I can wear whatever I want on days like this! I chose this fun llama sweater because it was a Wednesday and reminded me of the camel commercial  "It's Humpday!".

Day 6- The Little Black Dress- another favorite of mine! I chose to "winterize" my Eva Mendes for New York and Company dress that I featured last year in my Wedding Wear post. I love the shape of this dress and it's one of my favorites that should be worn more often. I put a long sleeve plaid under it and added tights and booties for a cold day. 

Day 7- Feelin Rockstar- I am still in love with this bright pink moto jacket from the Gap that I got for Christmas last year. I put my little black tee under it and some black jeans and boots and felt like a million bucks! 

Day 8- Good Hair Day- another day where I could wear whatever I liked! I find that short hair is easier for me to manage and I typically have a good hair day- even when I need a haircut! I love this jacket with elbow patches and thought the bird sweater under it and jeans was good for the milder temps. 

Day 9- An Oldie but Goodie- this is quite possibly my favorite dress! I literally could wear this dress every day if I could! I love the shape, pattern and style of this dress. You can read about it more in my most recent Sunday Style post. I chose it for this day because I am wearing a scarf from Loft that is an oldie but goodie- even if my dress isn't! 

Day 10- I Swoon for Stripes- I decided to pair this green and navy striped shirt from Target with a polka dot vest and a bright necklace. This was a fun and cheerful outfit for a Monday! 

There you have it! The first ten days of the Style Me March challenge! Which look is your favorite? Are you participating in any challenges this month? 



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