Marvelous May Style: Days 28-31

I cannot believe that we are already into June! May came and went very quickly for me. I had some projects due at work and some other personal things going on and looking back, the month was a blur. I have already decided that June will be a better month and I'm off to a great start! 

Today's post will be recapping the last few days of the Marvelous May Style challenge. I had such a great time doing this challenge and met a lot of new friends as well! I think everyone did such a great job and was so creative with their outfits! I feel this challenge accomplished my three goals: 1) provide a creative outlet for people to get dressed each day, 2) meet some new fashionista friends and 3) dress from my own closet instead of buying more. I'm excited that so many people have already been doing the Joyful June Style challenge! 

Day 28- My Favorite Color- my favorite color is really jade green; however, I love all brighter colors. I wore this green dress and accessorized with brighter colors. I have to be honest that I bought this dress earlier in the year but had to wait until it got warmer to wear it. I wasn't really sure if I liked it or not but once I put it on, I was happy with the results! I also used my new bag for this day which is another of my favorite colors, bright pink. 

I chose @sassymommy08 to feature for this day. She mentioned on Instagram that she didn't realize her favorite color was green until she looked around and saw all of the green! I loved the color, style and pattern in this dress! Great look! 

Day 29- Pretty in Pink- this definitely reminds me of the movie starring Molly Ringwald! I don't have a dress like hers but I did choose to wear a bright neon tee with a fun skirt I got last year! Of course, I am carrying my new bag again! I wasn't sure if the skirt and the scarf went together but once I tried it, I like it! Fun fact: I always tell people to try things on before you write them off. Things look much different on your body than on the hanger. 

I chose @dousedinpink to feature for this day. First of all, how could I not choose a lady who loves pink? She is always pretty in pink and today was no exception! 

Day 30- Fabulous Arm Party- I know that I made up this challenge, but I do love days where I can wear whatever I want! You can have fun wearing jewelry no matter what clothes you are wearing! I decided to break out the white jeans for this day and the punk floral top that I have been wanting to wear. I also got out the shocking pink sandals again from last year! I'm wearing my favorite bracelets from Lilly and Ivory. 

I am featuring @silvrgurl for this day for a couple of reasons. I love her outfit and her arm party! She is always on point with her outfits and just looks like she is having fun! And what a fun pattern mix! 

Day 31- Living Colorfully- I think you all know that I love life and I love to live in color! I remember when I was working in California that people used to tell me that I looked like I belonged there more than they did! I have always loved color so when I saw these Lands End pants, I knew that I needed to have them! I am not of the school of thought that I should not wear prints or patterns because of my size. I think you should wear what you love- just make sure it fits you right! 

For the last day of the challenge, I chose my new friend, Alice, @aliteg to feature. I love love love this picture. I think it is so fun with the hat and the print is so beautiful! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Marvelous May Style challenge! I had so much fun! I have to admit with this being my first challenge that I hosted, I didn't know how many people would participate. Every day more and more people played along! 

If you didn't read my other post, check it out about the Joyful June Style challenge! I would love to feature you on the blog- read about how it might be you! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Rock the maxi. Dayum you look good in it. You're also super adorable in the punk floral top & Mari wedges. I got the floral shorts which I won't be wearing w/those shoes. I wish one of the tops had worked so I could copy your look. Love it!

    1. Your comment made me laugh so hard. Thanks for the compliment! I couldn't do the shorts or the straight dress so I was glad the top worked. It is such a beautiful print!

  2. Your May challenge was so much fun! Thank you so much for featuring me this week!


    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you're playing along with us!

  3. Such great looks! Loving your challenges!


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