It's In the Bag

It’s in the bag-piece of cake- I’ve got this…We have all said this at one time or another meaning I can do this or I think it’s easy! No problem! Today, I am talking about how style is in the bag- whether it means you’ve got a great bag or whether it means style is easy for you or both! You will choose!
For me, style is both- it’s a great outfit but it’s also a great bag. I am in love with the gorgeous cobalt Quinn from Jordana Paige and I  thought I would show you all a few simple and easy tips on coming up with an outfit that goes well with this bag.

I heard a long time ago, that it doesn’t have to match, it just has to go. I abide by this rule almost every single day. I used to not be as adventurous or as daring in my outfits and wore mostly solids. Now, I love patterns and I love to base my outfit around one interesting piece of clothing, I thought I would show you a great example for a mom on the go.

I love this fun whale pattern cardigan that I picked up from Target a while back. I love the color green and it has a fun whimsical pattern which I could easily build an outfit around. Another staple for me as a mom is a great pair of jeans. I live in Michigan so I would normally wear jeans a lot more than shorts but if you are in a warmer climate, it might be a great pair of shorts or even a skirt that works better for you.

I added a navy and white striped tee for even more fun but if you are not as adventurous in pattern mixing, then do a solid-maybe a navy or white instead of the stripes- you decide! I will tell you that I was hung up on pattern mixing too but tried it and loved it! I stay within the same color palette so that it “goes” but doesn’t “match”. See how that works?

Now, on to the shoes and accessories! Every woman or mom on the go needs a great pair of flats. If you are in a warmer climate, you may choose to have a great pair of flat sandals- A neutral pair that goes with everything. You can have a ton of flats or a ton of shoes but have a pair that is your go to pair and really goes with everything. I have chosen a gold pair of flats for this outfit with a fun flower on them. I would suggest neutral like a metal or even beige or a tan-something that goes with all colors. Another fun option that I see a lot of people wearing is leopard print-believe it or not, a print like that really is a neutral and goes with just about everything!

We are almost done building this outfit. I now am looking for accessories that go with this outfit or make it visually interesting. I love a good statement necklace and this one is no exception! It has a multitude of colors in it making it go with a lot of colors and a lot of items that I have in my closet already! I also added a bracelet and just a simple pair of hoop earrings-you can do pearls or studs or really anything that suits you. I know a lot of you have small children and a necklace really cannot be worn. Babies pull and tug and put them in their mouths! Try an embellished tee instead-you can purchase them or even make them using a plain tee and some jewels from the craft store.

It’s in the bag! Such an easy outfit and so visually interesting! I think it really flatters my body type and makes me feel confident and put together. Speaking of bags, this cobalt Quinn is so perfect not only for this outfit, but for all of my mom on the go outfits! It is so roomy and so functional! I love it because I can put everything in it-my book, my I Pad, and of course, everything that a mom needs like snacks and wet wipes. I can also use it for work though and carry my laptop and paperwork in it while feeling and looking professional.

Thanks again to the lovely Jordana for allowing me to post on her blog this week! Jordana is so sweet that she has offered a coupon code good for my readers! Use CURVYGIRL for a 20% off discount on any Jordana Paige bag! (Cannot be combined with any other offer). This offer is only good through 08/13/14 so hurry up and get your bag too! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. great bag color
    you outfit is so fun and summery
    have a great weekend

  2. your cardigan is super cute. I been wanting to get a new handbag.


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