Sunday Style: Orange

I recently lost a friend- she didn't die but I lost her to the city of Minneapolis. Her husband got transferred there for work. Now, I am happy for him but I am still mourning the loss of seeing my friend regularly. She won't be there in book club and we can't go to the movies anymore. No more small group either. No more late night runs to Menchies for fro-yo and girl talk.

I decided to dedicate this post to her. To my friend who loves orange. We bought these shirts together and she was always jealous of my shoes. I looked everywhere for a pair for her but was unsuccessful. She does have a pair of orange Toms so I guess she isn't totally without....

Orange is such a fun color. Orange is a stimulus color or a color that makes you stop and look. I always think it brightens my day. Orange is a bright tone in the summer and a muted tone in the fall. Orange symbolizes new beginnings like flowers blooming in the spring and the turning of the leaves in the autumn. It's a new beginning and we are happy for you! 

To my friend, Abby. I'm already missing you and will have to plan a trip soon to visit the Mall of America- I mean, visit you...

Shirt- J Crew Factory; Boyfriend jeans- Kohls; Loafers- Gap; Clutch- Francesca's; Pearl bracelet- Loft; Bangles- Lilly and Ivory 

Hope you're all having a great Sunday! 



  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your friend moved away, Your commemoration of her presence in your life, by using the top that you bought with her, is special, and very cute! I hate orange on myself (you'll never see me wearing it), but it looks amazing on you! My best to Abby, and you, as you will have a place to visit (and shop)!


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