Sunday Style: Neon and Thrifty

Happy Sunday! I'm dying to show you all the outfit that I put together for today's Sunday Style! This last week I have been on vacation and I have enjoyed having time to do some things that I have been wanting to accomplish! One of the things I really wanted to do was take an afternoon to do some thrifting. We have a few stores in the area that I visit every once in a while, but usually it's just one here and there. I took the opportunity to visit three in one day and take my time browsing the racks. 

I found this sundress with this beautiful flower pattern on it and it was love at first sight. I love the neon colors and the green and the flowers so I knew it needed to be mine. The dress is a tie-strap vintage sundress and it was made long before vanity with no dressing rooms available to try it on, I decided I would chance it for $3.40. 

I came home and tried it on and of course, it didn't fit. However, it fit on the bottom just fine so I had the nifty idea of putting a shirt over top of it and, viola, the perfect printed skirt! I loved that I had the right shade of green tee in my closet already and, earlier this week, I decided to cut off the sleeves off of an old jean jacket and make myself a denim vest. 

For shoes, I went with the neon pink Mari sandals from last year. I thought they were the perfect shade of pink and looked great with this! I also brought out the neon purse that I bought from the Sears outlet earlier in the summer. Add some bright accessories and the outfit is complete! I used everything in my closet to go with the new skirt that I spent $3.40 on. Who says fashion has to be expensive?  I love all of these colors and the way that everything went together. 

Here are some pictures of the complete look:

Hope you're having a great Sunday! I go back to work tomorrow so of course I am enjoying every last minute of this weekend! 



  1. love how you turn a old jean jacket in to a vest.

  2. this skirt is so fresh and feminine, oops I guess should say dress
    i always forget that you can turn a dress into a skirt!!
    Have to remember


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