December 2014 Week One Recap

We are officially into December and counting down the days until Christmas. I've been trying to dress up a little more and wear some holiday-themed outfits just for fun. Sometimes I am feeling it and sometimes I am not. I always want to have fun with my outfits though so sometimes I take risks or wear things that others might not think they can pull off. I always say that fashion is what you wear but style is how you wear it. I like to stand out but in a good way. 

Here's my recap for the week: 

Monday- I have to admit that I love this outfit. I wore this last year too and it was one of my faves! It just seems so warm and cozy to me! 

Faux Fur Vest- Banana Republic (last year)
Plaid Shirt and Sweater- Old Navy (last year)
Jeans- Eloquii (summer this year)
Boots- DSW (old)
Handbag- Jordana Paige (new- still available- click on link in blog)
Bracelets- J Crew Factory (summer this year)

Tuesday- I took a tweed skirt I got on major clearance a while back and mixed it with layers for this day's look. 

Skirt- JCPenney (old)
Sweater- Loft (old)
Shirt- J Crew Factory (summer this year)
Shoes- Kohls (last year)
Handbag- Jordana Paige ( new-still available- click on link in blog)
Bangles- Jet Chic Army Candy and Lilly and Ivory (available online)
Necklace- Viva La Jewels (available online)

Wednesday- This was a fun outfit as I am loving the faux fur trend! A warm and cozy snood from Target was the perfect accessory for this outfit! Bonus: this is the fifth way I have worn this dress this year! 

Dress- Gap (spring this year)
Shirt- Joe Fresh via JCPenney (old)
Faux fur snood- Target (recent)
Shoes- JCrew Factory (last year)
Pearl bracelet- Loft (summer this year)
Black bracelet- Style This Life (available on etsy shop)

Thursday- This was my favorite holiday look this week! My husband thought I was crazy wearing the sweater with the pants but I liked it! I wasn't sure if I would like the plaid pants, but I really do! I'm going to try to wear these a couple of more ways as well before Christmas. 

Pants- Old Navy (recent)
Sweater- Old Navy (last year)
Blouse- JCrew (last year)
Shoes- JCrew Factory (recent)
Pearl bracelet- Loft (summer this year)
Navy bracelet- JCrew Factory (summer this year)
Mug- Anthropologie (last year- but available again online this year)

Friday-I didn't take a great picture on this day but it pretty  much sums it up and shows the whole look. I love this sweater and refuse to wear it only on Wednesday just because it has a camel on it! 

Sweater and Vest-JCrew Factory (vest last year and sweater this year)
Tee- Loft (old)
Jeans- Lane Bryant (old)
Boots- Charming Charlie (old)
Purse- Jordana Paige ( this is the front of the bag that doubles as a clutch!)

Saturday- I'm wearing my typical Saturday "uniform" which is jeans, a sweater, boots and a vest. Comfortable outfit for a busy day. 

Vest- Land's End (last year)
Sweater- Ann Taylor (summer this year)
Jeans- Eloquii (summer this year)
Boots- DSW (old)
Pearl Necklace- JCrew Factory (old)
Bangles- Jet Chic Arm Candy (available online in etsy shop)

Sunday- I wrote about this look in my latest Sunday Style post. It's a great look for dressing up a little on a budget since everything is from Target! 

There's my recap for the week! Do you find that you're dressing up more festive for the holidays? I think it's a great time of year since it's acceptable to wear lots of bright colors and patterns and sequins! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Jealous that you found an S sweater, ON did not have my initial on black friday sad face (and it's not K) ☺
    looks so cute on you

  2. I adore dressing up and this time of year, I love doing it. Living in a beach town, people do not dress up much and I always feel like I stick out like a sore thumb, but I really don't care. I typically go with color upon color, print upon print, baubles upon baubles. I love all your looks and that you put so much effort into your outfits. Taking risks can lead to good things! Side note: my husband has a camel hump day t shirt that he insists on wearing every Wednesday. I am not joking. He just waits to hear people's reactions. And if he does not get any, he is disappointed.


  3. You have worn some cute outfit so far. Also love the opening to the post.

  4. These looks are all super cute! I'm really diggin' Friday and Saturday's vests!
    xo! J.Frost


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