Diary of a Mad Plaid Woman

See what I did with the title there? I love plaid! I mean, who doesn't? Well I am sure there are people out there who don't.  I used to associate plaid with grunge- you know, Seattle and Kurt Cobain? Or a lumberjack? Or multiple other professionals who wear plaid when they are working? You get the picture- someone not like me unless if maybe it was a plaid skirt of some sort. 

I think it's great that plaid has come back around the last couple of years. It's fun to wear one plaid, so why not wear more than one? No, I am not saying to look like the crazy lady walking on the side of the street with her cart and mixing every print possible, but I am saying to go out of your comfort zone a bit and mix it up! 

Today's outfit was inspired by a couple of Instagram challenges. One was to wear multiple plaids and one was to wear polka dots. Why choose between the two? 

I decided to double up on the plaid by wearing a gingham shirt and a plaid scarf. The weather is a little mild today which is perfect for a vest. I sure lucked out getting this vest last year as it goes with so many things! Pattern mixing can be easy and fun: just remember to stay within the same color family and your outfit should pull together! I used the blue in the gingham with the blue in the vest and the blue in the scarf. The pink helps to tie it all together. And do you see those elbow patches? They are my most favorite thing about this sweater! Who doesn't love glitter? 

Here's a few pictures of today's outfit:

Vest- Land's End (last year)
Sweater- Banana Republic (last year)
Shirt- JCrew Factory (summer this year)
Jeans- Eloquii (summer this year)
Blanket scarf- Express (recent)
Boots- DSW (old)
Pearl bracelet- Loft (summer this year)
Navy bracelet- JCrew Factory (summer this year)

I thought I'd show you what the diary of a mad plaid woman might look like as well as the evolution of this outfit:

Day One "I loved my outfit today! " The glitter elbow patches on this sweater are awesome! I wore it with jeans and a gingham shirt. I think next time I'll wear a necklace with it too. I'm getting braver about my choices!"

Day Two "I decided to do a mild pattern mix after seeing so many fashionable women on Instagram do it. I added the polka dot vest since it's the same colors and I'm kind of liking it! This pattern mix thing is so fun and I love plaid!" 

Day Three "I'm completely over the edge now! I mixed three patterns together- two of which are plaids. I have already ordered three more flannel shirts, two blanket scarves and a pair of plaid shoes! I can't believe I was so plain before! I am loving plaid so much for this season!"

And that my friends, is what you might read in my fashion diary. While I haven't always been comfortable with plaid or pattern mixing for that matter, I have definitely stepped up my game in both areas! Plaid is a trend that I am definitely behind and loving every minute of it! ( And no, I didn't order more stuff- that was just a sample-well, not yet anyways!)

What are you loving that's plaid right now? Are you on board with the trend or hating it?

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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