Sunday Style: Holiday Style on a Budget

Today's post is about dressing for the holidays on a budget. All of the items I am wearing here are from Target! Who says you have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks? 

I'm all about dressing nicely without paying a fortune so I thought I'd show you what I did for a simple holiday look. 

This dark green dress has a great silhouette which is flattering for all body types. It has a waistband that shows off your waist and gives you a great shape. It's sleeveless, which you don't see here because it's cold, but it does allow the dress to be more versatile. I bought this earlier in the fall when it was buy one, get one 50% off but on its own, it is under $30. 

I paired a darker gray sweater with bling on it over the dress. Any kind of sparkle or shine automatically gets this look ready for any holiday! The sweater is from last year but is a classic style and color that I can wear for years to come. It was also purchased at 40% off if I remember correctly, making the price around $15. 

The leopard heels are just for fun. I got them probably close to two years ago on clearance from Taget. Leopard accents are a great way to spice up any outfit! If you don't want to wear leopard shoes, you could go with black instead and maybe use an accent of leopard in a clutch or belt or scarf. 

A simple holiday look is born! I threw on a couple of sparkly bracelets and some earrings for even more bling. I didn't wear a necklace because I liked seeing the neckline with the sweater jewels surrounding it. 

Here are a few shots from today's look: 

As always, I try to make sure that I can wear an item at least two different ways before I buy it. Can I wear it two ways and if I can wear it for two different activities like casual or dressy, I know it is a winner! 

Hope you're all having a great Sunday! We're getting our tree up today and going to look at Christmas lights tonight! Anyone else doing anything fun? 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Sunning outfit. I have my tree in it box's sitting in the hallway.

  2. Like I said on IG, this outfit is beautiful. Today has been a great day of fixing things up around the house and watching some Netflix.


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about this.

  4. You look absolutely lovely! The dress is awesome and super cute!

    Jessica |


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