10 Pieces, 7 Days

I will first admit that this idea might not be originally mine. I saw an email from the Gap and they were showing off some of their pieces including outerwear and gave each day a title of something one might do on that day. They said they were using 10 pieces for 7 days. I decided to copy the idea but make it my own with clothing that is in my closet.

If I did sit down and do outfit-planning once a week, I might spend less time deciding what to wear. Would I be more productive since I only have the same pieces to work with? Would anyone notice that I wore the same pieces all week?! Does anyone really care? These were all questions that I decided to try and answer. 

First up, I had to pick out my pieces. I envision doing this when I travel and (gasp!) trying to only use a carry-on bag. I looked for pieces that could mix and match with others, look great on their own, and had personality. I decided to not count coats since I work from home and will go out a few times during the week, so sweaters are more important pieces for me. Here is a sneak peek picture that I posted on my Instagram account to show my followers what type of pieces I was using for the week:

I also sat down on Saturday night and wrote down all of my outfits. I tried to not wear pieces two days in a row and wear each piece at least twice. I think I will almost do that except for one of the pieces being worn only once. This means I could have done at least eight days but I need a little variety in my life so I'm sticking to the seven! 

On Sunday, I started with an outfit that I personally think is a little plain Jane for me, but my IG friends gave me rave reviews! I also used this in my Sunday Style post. I'm using a dress from J Crew Factory as a jumper with a Loft blouse underneath. I'm wearing it with my black booties from Kohls and carrying a black bag from Phillip Lim for Target and wearing my blush pearl necklace from Eva Mendes new holiday line at New York and Company. I also added a belt to accent my waist and add visual interest. Here's a picture below: 

On Monday, I broke out a new sweater that my husband bought for me. I had been eyeing this sweater because of the gold sequin elbow patches! Who doesn't love pink and gold? This outfit was also a little plain so I wore a statement necklace from Groopdealz to jazz it up a bit. 

On Tuesday, I wore a beautiful navy bow sweater from J Crew Factory. I had been looking for this sweater last year when Aisha Tyler wore it one day on The Talk. She paired it with a pair of plaid pants close to the holidays and it was beautiful! I was glad when they brought it to Factory this year. It is fun and affordable! I mixed it with a plaid shirt and emerald green jeans. I felt like a Christmas Card picture but it is getting close to the holidays so I guess it's all right! 

On Wednesday, I wore the pink sweater again and paired it with the dress. I used a pretty gold glitter belt from Target and some leopard pumps to make it a super fun outfit! When planning for the week, I remembered that I had an event to attend that night so I thought it would be the perfect outfit for all day. 

On Thursday, I wore the green skinnies again and the black and cream stars blouse but paired my perfect gray sweater from Loft over top. Throw a scarf on it and you're done! I think I'm starting to like my week's pieces! 

For Friday, I wore the bow sweater again but this time with a geometric print skirt from Target. Pairing it with something like this tones down the "holiday" look of the sweater. Throw some leopard pumps on for fun and call it a day!
Lastly, for Saturday, I wore the gray sweater with the plaid shirt and jeans again. I love Old Navy plaid flannels! They are so soft and warm! Especially under the sweater! 

So, what did I learn from this experiment? Well, several things! First, I am glad that I have a variety of items in my closet to choose from on a daily basis. While I love these pieces that I chose, I got kind of bored with them. However, if I did have to pack these pieces and wear them for a week or a little more, I could totally do it! 

I also learned that in most cases the first way that I wore the outfit was the most popular on Instagram. I received many likes but when it was towards the end of the week, I noticed I received fewer likes. Was this because of the outfit or because if was the weekend? We may never know. And then I still wonder if people noticed that I wore the same thing twice or if they even knew I was doing this challenge. Again, we may never know. 

All in all, I realized that I could survive with less. I did end up wearing four pairs of shoes total, two necklaces, one bracelet, one pair of earrings, one scarf, and one purse. I used these to coordinate the ten pieces. 

I challenge all of you to see if you can do this as well. It was a really fun challenge and I fund myself looking for ways to stretch my wardrobe. 

Thanks for reading and following along! Have a great Sunday! 



  1. Love this, Sandae! I have a 10-day trip coming up in December and will only be traveling with a carry-on.. This post inspires me to sit down and plan out outfits that include pieces I can wear multiple times! Thanks :)

    1. Thank you Mali! I hope you enjoyed and that you could get some good ideas! I think this would be awesome to do while traveling and be able to mix and match everything! Thanks for reading!


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