Happy #nationalmadeupholiday!

I love Instagram! Ask anyone that knows me and they know that I enjoy looking at all of the pictures. I know that some people prefer Facebook or Twitter or other social media, but I enjoy sitting and looking at pictures. 

I'm not fooled that I have real relationships and friendships with people that I follow and they follow me back on Instagram. I have made friends with some but the whole reason that I started using Instagram was as a means of sharing pictures. Now I use it to help people develop their own personal style. When I post my outfit pictures, I am not bragging about what I have-I am using this means to show what I do with my clothes and provide people with ideas of how they can do the same using what they have. 

It is so easy to fall into the trap of wanting what everyone else has. Sometimes I do like things that people have bought and maybe I was looking for something and they found it. Or what about introducing me to cartwheel or sales codes or other ways to help me save money. 

So what does all of this have to do with the title? Well, one of the reasons I love Instagram is that people have an item and decide to encourage everyone to wear it on the same day. My instafriend Laura @fullyfashionable and I decided to do a #nationalleopardshoesday. Basically, you wear your leopard shoes and then use the tag. The way Instagram works is that when you tag your picture, it ends up with all of the other ones using the same tag! I thought it was funny to read some of the comments of other people who said they didn't realize this day existed! Well, it's made up and it's just something fun to do! 

Here's some examples of #nationalleopardshoesday:

Recently there was another day called #nationalblanketscarfday! There is a great blanket scarf at Zara in which the plaid pattern is beautiful and the material is so warm and cozy. I'm sharing some fall pics of me wearing the scarf. Enjoy! 

So bottom line: if you're on Instagram, enjoy and take part in the made up days. They're fun and creative and show you multiple ways to wear an item. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Cute scarf and I love how you put things together you have enspired me and gave me so many fall and winter looks for less idea's I cant wait to pair and mix match patterns I also go thriftng you can find some elegant peices for instance I purchased a brand new cream fisherman knit sweater thats j.crew for $2.50 imma pair with a burberry plaid blouse and leggings or jeans with knee high boots the sweater online is over $90 I grabbed bargain I will take pics and send em soon as I find out how too lol

    1. Oh last thing I forgot im goin to pair a diamond statement necklace my favorite jewelry peice besides bangles lol

    2. That sounds awesome! I love shopping for less- including thrift stores! I have been buying a lot of stuff at Target recently since it is so cute! Do you have Instagram? That's where I post my pics everyday. Thanks for the compliments! I'm so glad that I can help!


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