Eva Does It Again!

Remember those two dresses that I posted about last month that I wore to weddings? I loved the cut and color of both of those dresses so much! I have to tell you that when it comes to designing a line, Eva Mendes really has it down!

Last night I went to New York and Company to preview her new Holiday Collection line that just came out. I loved all of the lace and lady-like details in each piece. There was a lot of blush, brown, black, and cream. I fell in love with her gorgeous jewelry pieces. I wish I had bought more! 

I took some pictures of pieces that were my favorites. I ended up purchasing a sweater, a dress, and two necklaces. I'll probably be back for more though online! There were a couple of items in the lookbook that the store did not carry that I think I will love. 

Love this tassel necklace! 

This is a beautiful black and gold statement necklace. 

This is a brown tweed dress with comes with a chocolate brown belt. They've added a brooch for an even more ladylike look. 

Beautiful brown tweed coat over this brown and peach floral dress. 

Here's the dress by itself without the coat. Beautiful and silky with pleats and a fabric belt. 
Beautiful cream long sleeved blouse with front ruffle and multi- strand necklace. The necklace is gold and blush and all kinds of beautiful! 

Here's the lace dress I think I need that they didn't sell in the store. I love the black and white! 

Another beautiful top with a bow in the lookbook! 

The collection is beautiful and over all very nicely priced. I love that it's part of New York and Company so you can use coupons, discounts, rewards and earn more rewards. You even earn points on purchases if you are a card holder. 

So, Eva did it again! Beautiful collection at beautiful prices. Check it out in stores or online starting today! www.newyorkandcompany.com



  1. New York & Company is one of my favorites for clothes hands down! I wanted to go so bad last night to our Eva collection. The black and white dress would look fabulous on you too!

    1. I am really loving her new line! It's very romantic and beautiful and I think I am drawn to her dresses because the cuts are so flattering! I hope you can make it in to look at it but it is up on the site now this morning too. I bet this will sell out quickly for the holidays!

  2. I have not checked out her line at all yet, but your post has convinced me that I NEED to! I used to shop at NY&Co a lot a few years ago and kind of stopped. Looks like I'll be shopping there again! Thanks for sharing the new line!

    xoxo Meghan

    1. She has some cute stuff and is very figure-flattering! I didn't shop there for a while either and then her first line came out so I browsed online and purchased some items. Good quality for a good price.


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