Make a Statement Wearing your Favorite Tee

You know what is just as fun as graphic tees? Statement tees! These tees make a statement without the person wearing them even saying a word! I was thinking about this earlier as I put on my favorite tee from the summer from Old Navy. This tee was quite the rage on Instagram and they are even sold at a premium if you can find one online. I know because my friend Kelly has been eying mine for quite some time and we've looked for one. 

I digress...statement tees now are not only about where your from or what team you are supporting. They have become more fashionable with sayings and movies. Here are some tees that I found online for all ages...

This one is on etsy and retails for $15:

How about this one from print It sells for $24 online- I picture myself wearing this one running late to meet a friend for a casual lunch or coffee date:

This one was on Amazon for $13.95- reminds me of my favorite show The Office:

For the kiddos, they can express their love of movies wearing these two cute tops from for $19.99 and for $16.14:

And last but not least, let's not leave out the babies! This adorable onesie was found on and sells for $16.95:

 Here's me in my favorite Little Black Tee in today's outfit: 

I dressed it up a little wearing a bright pink jacket from JCPenney and a statement necklace from Greopdealz. I'm carrying my favorite black Phillip Lim for Target bag and wearing my leopard loafers, also from Target. 

So whatever you choose to wear, make a statement! 



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