Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunday Style: On the Go

All of these clothes are old- nothing new to write about but thought I'd talk about being on the go and looking good while doing it. Disclaimer: I also don't think that I have to write about new items all of the time. One of the things I enjoy about having a blog is showing people different ways to wear what they already have. 

Take this plaid shirt, for example. I have had it for a couple of years and I have worn it a lot. I love that it is a great layering piece and matches a lot of things that I have in my closet. A regular navy sweater over it shows the button up details and collar. Nothing fancy,

I added white jeans to this ensemble to make them stick out and show you all how white jeans are not just for spring and summer. I happen to love this look that I've got on today! 

I added boots and a gold bib necklace and I've got a tote bag for all of my stuff that I have to carry around. I have books to return to the library and my iPad and all of my regular items in it. It's perfect for being on the go!

Speaking of being on the's possible to look put together while running errands and getting stuff done. I am often asked why am I so dressed up? To which I respond,"I am dressed". I think it is important to always look your best. You never know who you will run into, what new connections you will make, etc. We should always strive to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Take pride in the way that you look. Embrace your body, your curves, your facial features. Every day try to do better than the day before. You will also be surprised at how much better you feel when you put some effort into the way that you look. 

Here are a few pictures of this outfit today:

Plaid shirt- JCrew Factory (old)
Sweater- JCrew Factory (last year)
Jeans- Royalty for Me (online last year)
Boots- DSW (old)
Bib necklace- Purple Peridot (online last year)
Bangles- Lilly & Ivory (old-online)
Watch- Jord (online- shop through the link on the right of the blog)
Bag- Philip Lim for Target (old)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Capitol and a Conundrum

A conundrum is defined as a confusing and difficult problem or question. I just finished Making A Murderer on Netflix. I started watching it and I couldn't stop. It was only ten episodes but every episode was equally as thrilling as the one before. I would say this definitely falls within the definition of a conundrum. I won't give everything away in case if you want to see it, but I will tell you about the premise of the documentary.

Oh, and I promise this is still a fashion post...

Steven Avery was convicted of a crime that he did not commit. He spent eighteen years in jail until he was finally proven innocent and set free in 2003. He then was arrested for another crime that to this day, he says he did not commit. However this time, he is still sitting in jail trying to prove his own innocence.

Even sadder perhaps is his nephew who is also sitting in jail after being arrested at the age of 16 for supposedly assisting his uncle in committing this brutal murder. Brendan Dassey was coerced into testifying that he did commit this crime while his intelligence level is extremely low and only has the reading level of a 4th grader. 

You will need to watch this documentary series for yourselves and decide who you think is innocent and who is guilty. I personally am appalled by the justice system and wonder what would happen if something like this happened to me or someone close to me. I cannot believe how the state of Wisconsin-specifically Manitowac County-and even the United States Federal court system failed these men. 

While obviously they are the only ones who know what really happened that day and whether or not they were actually involved in the crime, we have rights in the United States that allow us to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. I personally believe that they were presumed guilty at the start based on the evidence that I saw was gathered. However, this is a documentary that was filmed and follows the Avery family as a whole. (In other words, I am not sure if there are any biased opinions by the filmmakers or not- I give them the benefit of the doubt that they are providing a fair and impartial look into this family and their trials and tribulations). 

You need to check this out for yourselves and let me know what you all think! Such a good use of time and you will learn things about the justice system and lawyers and trials and more of the like that you may not have even wanted to know...

I was in Lansing, Michigan's capital, and decided to take some pictures of my outfit of the day while visiting the Capitol building. Michigan's State Capitol is unique. It is Michigan’s most widely recognized building, and has come to be regarded as a symbol of the state itself. It is nationally recognized for its architectural and artistic importance. On January 1, 1879, a magnificent new Capitol building was dedicated to the people of Michigan. Today, the Michigan State Capitol enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the nation’s most important historic buildings. It is also one of its most beautiful. 

The Michigan State Capitol is the building housing the legislative and executive branches of the government of the U.S. state of Michigan. It is located in the portion of the state capital of Lansing which lies in Ingham County. The present structure, at the intersection of Capitol and Michigan Avenues, is a National Historic Landmark that currently houses the chambers and offices of the Michigan Legislature as well as the ceremonial offices of the Governor of Michigan and Lieutenant Governor. Historically, this is the third building to house the Michigan government.

A statue of Austin Blair stands at the front of the building welcoming visitors. Austin Blair (February 8, 1818 – August 6, 1894), also known as the Civil War Governor, was a politician from the U.S. state of Michigan. He was known as a strong opponent of slavery and secession and he also championed human rights by leading the effort to ban capital punishment and supporting efforts to give women and black citizens the right to vote.

I thought it was only fitting to tie the documentary series into today's blog post featuring the Michigan State Capitol building. I am honored to live in a country where people have died for my freedom and laws and bills are continually made to preserve our rights as citizens of this great land. 

I am wearing an older outfit but this mixed media sweater is definitely one of my faves! Perfect outfit for hanging out with the family and exploring the city! And yes, you are seeing snowflakes...Enjoy these pics!

Sweater- J Crew (old)
Jeans- Royalty for Me (last year online)
Boots- Avenue (last year)

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Sunday Style: Fantastic Floral

It's another great dress from karina dresses this week! I don't have a lot of floral dresses that I can wear into the fall and winter. Most of them are short sleeve or sleeveless and are brighter colors. When I saw this pattern, I knew it would be perfect to wear during the colder months when I usually stick with darker colors.

I am wearing the Maggie  (pink and navy florette) which is perfect for my body shape. It shows off my waist and it has a tie as well. The v-neck is great for elongating the body and the skirt is fuller and lands at the knee which is a good length for me.

Because this dress has an all-over pattern, I decided to minimize my accessories and chose to not wear a necklace. I am wearing a fun vintage-y looking pump that has open toes that I think go well with this style of dress.

Here are a few pictures of me in this beautiful floral dress:

Dress- karina dresses (recent online)
Bracelet- J Crew Factory (old)
Shoes- DSW (old)

You can shop karinadresses directly through the link on the right side of the blog too!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pleather Perfection

Okay okay- first of all, pleather? Really? Well, I am not about to go out and pay good money for some leather pants. Pleather is perfectly fine with me. Seriously. Secondly, you will never guess where I bought these pleather pants! (Read through to the end and I might tell you there...)

I thought this was a great outfit for going out to dinner with the family on Christmas Eve. We had a table for seven and the best food and conversation that I've had in a while. (Friends-don't get mad about it, I love you all too...).

I am thinking of some additional ways to wear these pants but for this night, I went basic with a gray turtleneck sweater, black patent heels and a leopard clutch. This was one of the easiest outfits to put together-seriously took no time at all and I felt like a million bucks.

Here are a few pictures of this outfit:

So, what do you all think? Surprise, surprise but these are actually coated jeggings from WalMart! Eek! If you know me, you know I am typically a Target shopper, but these were just too good to pass up! 

Have any of you ever found a hidden gem like this at a place where you normally don't shop? 

Outfit Details:
Sweater- J Crew Factory (fall 2015)
Pants- WalMart (fall 2015)
Heels- Kohls (old)
Clutch- Talbots (fall 2015)

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Finding Sandae

I hate the movie Finding Nemo. There I said it. It's annoying to me that the mom dies at the beginning of the movie. Why do Disney movies always have to have a parent die? Usually it's the mom which annoys me even more. Why not the dad? But the movie is a lovely one in which the dad tries to find the fish child that has gotten separated from him. It's a story of love and perseverance. It's a story of passion and gumption and spunk. It's a story of finding that which is lost.

Finding Sandae.  Anyone else have this happen to them? They become a parent, a spouse, an employee, a volunteer, the list goes on and on. They become what they need to become in that particular situation. Take a step back though and really think about it. Do you really know yourself? Do you really know what you like to do? Do you know what you enjoy? Do you really know who you are? What about when you are alone with only your thoughts? What about when you are forced to discover all of these things on your own? It can be overwhelmingly frightening but it can also be overwhelmingly amazing.

Finding Sandae.  My goal this year is to find things that I didn't know I even liked and try them.My goal this year is to get back to doing all of the things that I once loved. My goal is to continue to find myself and love myself more and more each day. 

I had someone ask me recently what did I like to do? I had to stop for a minute and really think about it. A lot of times people don't get asked that question. You do things because someone asked you to do them. You don't always put your needs first. You think about other people and take care of others and before you know it, maybe you've lost yourself. 

For me, it's going to be about going to the movies more, reading more books, learning more things. It's going to be about trying new things like a new recipe or class. It's going to be more Bible studies and more studies about women in history. It's going to be about reconnecting with loved ones. It's going to be about really immersing myself and finding what makes me truly happy.

Happiness comes from within. Happiness cannot solely be because of another person or a place or a thing. I used to think that new clothes or food made me happy. I remember those days. I was filling a void with things. Now you will find me happiest sweaty after a hot yoga class or curled up with a book in fresh clean sheets. You will find me happily taking a walk and listening to music outside while observing all of the beautiful world in which God has given to us. You will find me laughing with my friends over the latest things going on in our lives. You will find me praying to God and thanking Him for another day in which I get to live. 

Finding Sandae.  It's a story of love and life that is found. It's a story of courage and faith and trust. It's a story of perseverance and passion. Thank you to all of those in my life who are currently contributing to my happiness. You are making this journey through life incredibly wonderful being by my side. 

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blush and Black

Today's look is an oldie but goodie. I have had all of these pieces in my closet for a while now. For me, I prefer classic pieces to trendy for the most part so I can wear them for many years. I paired a fun tweed moto jackets with black jeans and a blush blouse. 

Blush is such a fun neutral color. It matches so many other colors and patterns. I remember exactly where I was when I bought this blouse too which is also fun to wax nostalgic each time I wear it. The bow can be tied or untied for a different look each time. 

The boots are great with jeans but I also wear these a lot with dresses too. The clutch adds a pop of color and pattern. I also added a couple of fun black metallic pieces of jewelry that I think match well with the colors and theme of this outfit. 

Overall not a bad look for a Tuesday! 

Jacket- Banana Republic (old)
Blouse- Loft (old)
Jeans- Royalty for Me (online 2015)
Boots- DSW (old)
Clutch- DSW (fall 2015)

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Style: White

You can wear white after Labor Day. Forget all of those ancient rules that you learned from your mom and grandma. I happen to think white is a beautiful color (or non-color which ever way you want to view it).

White can be a color that symbolizes many things. Purity, safety, cleanliness. It's also considered to be the color of perfection. For me, it also represents a new beginning or wiping the slate clean. 

White can be worn in its purest form or can be worn in various other shades like off white or cream. I'm not always a big fan of white but these white jeans from Royalty for Me are so practical and can be worn in so many different ways. 

Don't feel that you can only wear white jeans in the summer either! I'm wearing them in the dead of winter and I like it! The first look is with a long sleeve shirt, blanket scarf and boots. I then added a sweater and a clutch for more layering. I'm loving the results! What do you think? 

White jeans- Royalty for Me (online recent)
Shirt- Old Navy (recent)
Sweater- Loft (recent)
Scarf- Zara (old)
Boots- DSW (old)
Clutch- Talbots (last year)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

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