Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pinned It and Did It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! It seems like once Monday is over, we are coasting towards the weekend. I know that sounds funny, but going back to work on Monday for most people is quite a feat! I'm finishing up April with a couple of Pinterest- inspired outfits this week. Yesterday, I joined some of my IG friends for an outfit wearing these fabulous Land's End yellow pants (again!).

Here's a picture of Monday's outfit and the pin that inspired it:

Shirt- Loft (old), Sweater- Loft (old), Pants- Land's End (old), Loafers- Target(old), Tote- Walmart

Today, I chose another pin that is very simple yet I think looks great together. I love red and gray together so this was easy and of course, I love the leopard with it so I chose a scarf to accent it. I also took a picture of a mannequin in the Banana Republic Factory Store a couple of months ago since I loved the addition of the olive coat and I already had one. I also like the addition of these fun silver shoes. 

Here are some pics of today's outfit, the mannequin and the pin that inspired this outfit:

Tee- Banana Republic (old), Pants- Liz Claiborne via JC Penney (old), Coat- J Crew Factory (old), Shoes- Sam & Libby via Target-( in store on clearance)

It's raining today and it's supposed to be raining all week. It's hard to get inspired (I think) when it's so blah outside. That's why I love Pinterest and style challenges. Speaking of style challenges, make sure to check out my Marvelous May Style challenge and use the hashtag #marvelousmaystyle on IG so your pictures will be grouped together. 

Have a great rest of the day! 


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Style: Flirty Florals

Happy Sunday! I dug deep into the closet for this dress today! I remember buying this wrap dress at a Banana Republic Factory Store at the outlets near Seattle. I was out there working a few years ago and happened upon this dress and loved it! 

I think it is the bold floral pattern, the yellow color and the silkiness of the dress that drew me to it. I also love a wrap dress as it accentuates the waist and is fairly forgiving on all body types. I think it's a great dress to wear for today's Style Me April challenge which is Flirty Florals. 

I decided to wear my Nine West nude bow heels and pair them with a straw clutch, also from Banana Republic. I also went for a more fun look with my jewelry and am sort of mixing and matching colors and a "wooden" look. I remember seeing on What Not to Wear that Stacy and Clinton said "it doesn't have to match, it just has to go". I often base my clothing and accessories on this motto. 

Here are some pics of this outfit today: 

Hope you're having a great weekend! 


Friday, April 25, 2014

Marvelous May Style Challenge

May is almost upon us and I decided to create my own style challenge for this month. It wasn't that difficult to do but I did want to make sure that I picked days where items or themes might be appropriate. For example, I chose graphic tees for a weekend. And a Mother's Day weekend theme. Okay you get the point. 

I have loved doing the Style Me monthly challenges and I love that Hilary Rushford put them together. I know that she has been busy lately with filming and building her brand in general, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to create one of my own! 

Anyways, I posted this on Instagram earlier in the week and received a lot of great responses to it. I also am going to up the ante and choose one look per day to feature along with mine on the blog. I think style challenges are a great way to network and connect with others who have similar interests. 

Not only do I enjoy networking while participating in a style challenge, but I also enjoy being creative and getting inspired! I appreciate the hard work that goes into choosing themes for the day and it helps me to put things together that I may have never worn before. It also helps me (and everyone who is participating) to outfit plan and hopefully be able to prepare their outfits in advance. 

All right, so here's the list for May:

If you are on Instagram, be sure that you use the hashtag #marvelousmaystyle so your pictures show up with everyone else's. Also, in order to be featured on the blog, I ask that you follow me on IG and repost so your followers can also join in the fun. That's it! Pretty simple but I hope to inspire others to think outside of their comfort zone and have some fun while getting dressed each day. 

I hope you will join us and I look forward to seeing all of your awesome outfits on Instagram! 


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Forty Before Forty: Snow Day!

Disclosure: This post is from the past-I am guessing it was around December while on Christmas break. While it is entirely possible, please do not be alarmed and think that we have this much snow at the end of April...Enjoy!

Is it really a snow day if you're already off work and school? My son and I thought it was! We recently got about 6-7 inches of snow and we decided to take advantage of it. I found a pair of snow pants at Lands End and decided to take them for a spin! 

You might remember from a while back that I am turning forty this year and I have a list of things to accomplish before then. For winter activities, I have ice skating,building a snowman, and making a snow angel. We decided to build a snowman and do the snow angels. Check those off my list! 

While I live in Michigan and it might seem strange that I haven't built a snowman or made snow angels in years (if ever!), I have to say that for years I traveled and wasn't home in the winter and other than that, I really hate the cold weather! Buying a pair of snow pants forces me to get outdoors and enjoy the snow while staying warm! 

It was so cold outside but we got to work and built the snowman. I really think it turned out more like a snow blob. The snow really wasn't good packing snow since it was light and fluffy. My son looked at it when we were done and announced that his name is Carl. Okay, Carl it is! We then proceeded to mess up the rest of the lawn while throwing snowballs and making snow angels. We followed up our fun with cups of hot chocolate. You know the best part? He thanked me for playing with him and said he had such a fun day. I can't wait to do more activities with my family this year! 

Below are some pictures from our snow day. Enjoy! 

Did you all do anything fun in the snow on your winter break? I would love to hear ideas of other things to do! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Style Me April: Days 11-20

Well here we are going into the end of April already! Now that the winter is finally over (I hope!), it seems like time is flying by! Before we know it, we will be into summer! It seems like everyone I know has left the state and is enjoying time in Florida. Not me! I have enjoyed a few days off for my mini break and am ready to jump back into work after being re energized.

Here's a recap of Style Me April days 11-20. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 

Day 11- Matchy Matchy- I went with the orange theme and ran with it! I love this shirt and these shoes with the boyfriend jeans. I think this was a favorite casual outfit of mine. 

Day 12- Makesyawanna Dancegram - I didn't dance for this day and if I did, I certainly wouldn't post it! 

Day 13- Born in the Wrong Era- This is probably my most favorite dress I have worn in a while. It was fun and I felt like I definitely was not in this era. Read all about it in my Sunday Style post last week. 

Day 14- Easter Bun- I obviously have short hair so I knew I wouldn't be wearing a bun! I decided to try an outfit from Pinterest that my friends were participating in that day. I do love bright colors and pattern mixing so this was definitely a fun look for me! 

Day 15- Lovely Lace - I'm wearing one of my favorite striped blazers again for this day. It snowed three inches so I opted for the jeans and boots again for this day! 

Day 16- Maxi Moment- Wednesdays I haven't been posting pictures since we have our health and exercise class at night and my son and I go straight there after picking him up from school. It really wasn't a maxi moment though since we were still in the process of getting rid of that snow...

Day 17- Girlie in Green- Most people would have gone with the obvious choice of a pretty jade green but not me. I had to do some olive and some mint green instead. 

Day 18- Literary Heroine- I wouldn't really say that I dressed like a literary heroine unless if I was some sort of a romantic comedy writer... This was a fun day at the outlet mall though and I dressed for comfort and ease of trying on clothes and a lot of walking. 

Day 19- Sporty Chic- Soccer season is upon us and I like to be comfortable at the games. While I did not have a soccer game, I was happy to be comfy while relaxing and enjoying time off. 

Day 20- Easter Best- I loved wearing this beautiful and bright dress for Easter. Check out my latest Sunday Style post for all of the details! 

I am looking forward to the last ten days of this challenge. It has been so fun to get dressed everyday! 


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday Style: Easter Best

Happy Easter everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying your day with your family and friends! 

I thought I would do a quick post for Sunday Style wearing this great pink dress from Banana Republic. There are four things that I love in a dress and this has all of them! A super flattering fit and flare style, an exposed zipper, the color pink and a great price! 

I found this dress on sale with an extra percentage on top of that back in the middle of March. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time pays off when it comes to sales! 

With this dress I am pairing the gorgeous floral clutch that I found at Francesca's and some nude bow heels from Nine West via Marshalls. I like the simple look with a little fun thrown in with the vibrant colors in the clutch. I am also keeping the dress and shoes neutral and wearing some colorful jewelry with it. I love the long line of a neutral leg and shoe which actually makes me appear taller and slimmer. 

Here are some pics of this dress today: 

Enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend! 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guest Post from Flower City Fashionista blogger Jenny Sanzo

Hello Curvy Girl on the Run Readers!

I’m Jenny: Blogging Mama, Freelance Writer and Editor, Personal Shopper, Stylist and Clothes Horse Extraordinaire. I write Flower City Fashionista, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog based in Rochester, New York and I love a good deal.

I am so excited to be taking over Sandae’s blog today! I’ve had a style crush on Sandae for a while now... I even had her guest post on my blog back in February so she could share her fabulousness with my readers.

I was so thrilled when she offered her space for me to share my business with all of you.

Don’t go away, things are just starting to get good.

I have the best job on earth. I am a Concierge Personal Shopper for Shop Your Way (the rewards program for Sears, Kmart, and Lands End) and yes, I get paid to shop. Hypothetically speaking I could watch BRAVO and drink wine at the "office" - but before you start hating me, know that there is something good in it for you too: my services are FREE. Complimentary. Won’t cost you a dime.

Let me explain...

As a personal shopper for Sears Holdings Corporation, I offer complimentary personal shopping via the social networking platform ShopYourWay.com. I curate personalized online catalogs for clients all over the country. This service is perfect for wardrobe updates, gift gifting, comparison shopping, and saving you time and money. What's not to like about that?!

So what do I do exactly? I help people shop for anything from skinny jeans, to patio furniture, to a new dishwasher or mascara. And even though I make additional commission on purchases from SHC brands (Kmart, Sears, LandsEnd, MyGofer etc) I can input products from ANYWHERE on the web. Let’s say my client is looking for slingback mules: I'll find her options from Sears, but I'll also add cute pairs from DSW, Nine West, Nordstrom, Zappos etc. I love that customer satisfaction and providing quality service are the top priorities of this company.

If you ever wished you could have your own personal shopper and stylist but never thought you could afford it, your wishing days are over. I'm here and I'd love to help you shop! Here are some of the online catalogs I’ve created:

Your Stream | ShopYourWay 2014-03-21 16-38-59
As your personal shopper you can contact me to help you with any of your shopping or styling needs. Looking for shoes to wear to your sisters wedding? Done! No time to price compare flat screen tvs? I’m on it. New vacuum in your future? Got it. Want to throw out everything in your closet and start over? Let’s do it! I’ll tell if you those pants are going to make your butt look big...I promise! The possibilities are endless - and you get all of these services for FREE.

To sweeten the deal even further, I am giving away a $25 Sears/Kmart gift card to one lucky Curvy Girl on the Run reader.

To enter, simply sign up for my personal shopper services and leave a comment below telling me that you did. Easy. Peasy.

Let’s do this, shall we?

Go to http://ps.syw.net/invite/JenniferSanzo

Your screen should look like this:
Personal Shopper | ShopYourWay 2014-03-21 16-42-43
Click the orange button that says “BECOME A CLIENT”

This lovely little box will pop up:
Personal Shopper | ShopYourWay 2014-03-21 16-46-11
Fill in the blanks and create a password. (It’s really THAT easy).
*If you already have a Shop Your Way Rewards account, click “Activate it” on the bottom of the pop up window. A new window will pop up that will allow you to enter your number. Make sure you do this, so you don’t miss out on reward points! If you forgot your number you can click: “Forgot your member number?” and request an email or text message with your 16 digit account number.
**If you already use shopyourway.com, just click "sign in." Bam!
Got it? Good!

I can not wait to shop together!

Click the +1 button for further instructions on each entry. This giveaway will close at midnight on April 30, 2014. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.
Thank you so much Sandae for letting me share my business with all your fantastic readers! You made my day!


Flower City Fashionista
PS - Still not sure? Check out this you tube video (yep that’s me) for more on Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Style Me April: Days 1-10

Here we are in the middle of April already! Another month is passing by so quickly! I was happy to get into April since I knew it would start to warm up and I could start wearing something other than jeans and boots and sweaters. (While I write this, I must tell you that last night we got 3 inches of snow here in MI!). Here are the first ten days of the challenge in a recap.

Day 1- Skirting Around Town

This was a really fun outfit for me.  I put some old and new(ish) things together and created this look.  I love the graphic tee and this skirt has always been one of my favorites. I also chose these lace up shoes to go with this look and love it!

Day 2- Neutral and a Pop of Color

I will tell you that I bought these jeans some time ago and didn’t feel super great about wearing them.  I was participating in a clean eating challenge for a couple of weeks and put these on and they felt great! I even belted them! This pretty coral jacket has been in my closet for years and is one that I enjoy wearing in the spring/summer.

Day3- Oh Hello Sailor

This was a fun kind of matchy-matchy outfit with all of the blues and greens. I only felt semi-nautical wearing stripes so I added a fun graphic tee that I picked up at Old Navy for $5.

Day 4- Day to Night

I bought this dress at Loft last year on a big sale but I really hadn’t worn it. The winter was so bitterly cold this year that I tended to wear a uniform of sweaters, jeans and boots.  I welcomed the opportunity to show others how you could change a simple dress from one look to another.  This can be done with really any dress and any accessories.  I only wish I had somewhere great to go that night that I wore this dress!

Day 5- April Showers

This was a Saturday and I am telling you that we lucked out with a gorgeous day and no showers at all.  I was happy to dress down for a fun day of scrapbooking with a friend.  I love the look of boyfriend jeans, boyfriend cardigan and oxfords. 

Day 6- Always Nabs a Compliment

I purchased this shirtdress a few years back and every time I wear it, I receive a compliment.  I wore it earlier in the year and styled it with a brown shoe and a leopard clutch and it looked great that way as well.  I figured I would try to dress it up for spring so I paired a floral clutch and striped wedge with it.  I also brought out the yellow necklace for a more springtime feel.

Day 7- Pretty in Pastels

I have a weakness for colored jeans and when I saw these lavender ones at Kohls, I knew I would have a lot to wear with these.  I really don’t prefer to dress in pastels that often as I tend to feel a little like an Easter egg,  I also wasn’t crazy about this tunic but my husband loves it so I thought I would wear it anyways.

Day 8- Jungle Tribal Tropics

So this day was unique in that I really didn’t know what direction to take the theme so I went with an animal print clutch and a floral blouse and olive jeans.  Maybe I am dressed up on a safari?

Day 9- Pump up the Volume

No picture here because it was a Wednesday and I didn’t have a chance to snap pictures. My son and I also attend a health and exercise class on Wednesday night so there wasn’t an outfit to share. I can tell you that on Instagram I noticed a lot of girls were pumping up the volume on their hair or they showed some sort of outfit themed around music.

Day 10- Borrowed or Thrifted

This was probably one of my favorite days because I was able to share the dress and purse that I recently purchased from Goodwill. I love the print and the cut of the dress and I thought it went perfectly with the jean jacket for spring.

There are the first ten days of Style Me April! This was a lot of fun and I will continue to styling my outfits to fit with the upcoming themes.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Style: Born In The Wrong Era

I got this dress a few months ago when I took back a different dress and used my return money to get it. I have been waiting to wear it until the weather got better. It's finally starting to get warmer so I decided it was perfect for today's Style Me April challenge which is Born in the Wrong Era. 

I'm not sure what exactly attracted me to this dress. I looked at it for a while before I bought it. I studied the fit and style of the dress. I loved the pleats in the skirt. I think I was most taken aback by the tie. It reminded me of something my mother would have worn back in the 80's. And maybe that's what attracted me to this dress...

I think it's a charming look. I think the color and the print are adorable. It makes me think that this is the type of dress that I wish I would have found in a thrift store instead of on a J Crew Factory website. 

Born in the wrong era. Maybe that's me or maybe I just like what I like. 

Here are some pics of the dress- and yes, I might be just a little bit excited to wear it! 

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!