Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Style: A Million Bucks

I wonder what it would be like to have a million bucks. I wonder how quickly that money would be spent. I wonder if I would feel more safe or secure knowing I have a million bucks? I wonder if I would get treated differently if people knew I was a millionaire. Random thoughts that go through my head when people say "you look like a million bucks" or "I feel like a million bucks".

Whenever I put on a karinadresses dress, I always feel like I am special - like this dress was designed just for me- or maybe like a million bucks?! It doesn't matter which style or color I wear, I can't help but feel pretty. The fabric is lightweight and easily packable and it doesn't wrinkle so it's great for traveling or sitting in meetings. I find I reach for these dresses more than any of the other ones that I own! 

This dress is no exception. I was drawn to the color and print, but the Katharine style which shows off my waist, is also one of my favorites! I dressed it up a little more today with fun blingy accessories- my sandals, clutch and necklace- but I'm also planning to dress it down and wear it more casually with flats and carry a tote to the museum. A denim jacket over it would look cute as well! 

Karinadresses has so many styles to choose from! You can also shop under your body type and get options of what would look better on you. I do this every time I shop and I haven't gone wrong yet with one of my picks! 

Here are some pictures of today's fabulous dress:

Dress- karinadresses - recent online ( shop through link on right hand side of blog)
Shoes- Jessica Simpson via Marshalls (old)
Clutch- Express (old) 
Necklace- Purple Peridot (old)
Bracelets- Purple Peridot and JCrew (old)

My wish for you all is to feel like a million bucks today too! Go out and do something fun or something nice for yourself or even better, something nice for someone else. It doesn't cost a lot to do a little something nice for someone and the feeling can't be beat! I think that the happiness that you have is reflected in your face and it shines. This is what makes someone truly look like a million bucks. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Not Always Black and White

It's been a little while since I've written. I haven't been slacking, I promise. I just write better when I am passionate about something or when I feel I have something valuable to share with you all. I am more like Taylor Swift- when she goes through a break-up, you know you are going to hear some good new tunes from her. She takes her experiences and writes them with a melody. I take my experiences and share them on a blog-usually with an outfit. (Oh, and I am in no way comparing myself to Taylor Swift...)

Anyways, I have been doing some thinking lately. Black and white. Some people use that expression a lot. What does it really even mean? Black and white can refer to television or movies, photography or even print like in a newspaper. But what about life? I hear people all the time saying it's not always black and white or maybe it is black and white. This saying is referring to having two distinct choices in which one is clearly right and one is clearly wrong. I love talking to people who see everything in black and white-you know the kind where they can look it up in a manual and say, "See, here it is. In black and white-you must do this,You must make this choice." It would seem that their lives might be so much easier since they can look at something and see a clear choice.

But in life-sometimes it's gray. What if it is gray? What if there are extenuating circumstances revolving around a certain person or situation and it makes choosing so much harder? What if we have to take into account other items before making a choice and it gets mucked up? What if the choices blend together and the options are not clearly defined? 

Gray isn't always bad either. I remember when I used to be more black and white. I remember at work thinking that the handbook said it, so it must be that way. Or what about a decision based on the norm or what everyone else must be doing looked so easy to make based on that limited information. Then I had my son. Oh now life was not always black and white. There was not only gray, but there were so many other colors! Love will do that to you. It will knock you down and it's up to you to pick up the pieces. You think you made the right decision and then you see you were missing something. Maybe it was more information, maybe it was patience or maybe you loved so hard you were blind. 

Go with your instinct. Life isn't always black and white but it doesn't have to be either. Life should be gray- follow your heart and your dreams. People won't always understand your decisions but then you won't always understand theirs either. When you feel like giving up, try harder. You will get through this! Life is full of color and laughter and love and when you open yourself up to all of the possibilities, you will be amazed at the sheer brilliance and beauty of it. I am learning to do this every day myself.

Now, one way life is black and white is in fashion-it is one of my favorites! I love the simplicity to not have to wear color if I don't want to, which isn't that often... This outfit I wore today is one of my favorites-I love the way the skirt has stripes going two ways and I love the shape and design of it. I also love the crop top-I did size up so it wasn't too short and I could wear it to work and school. It is so comfortable and easy to wear and I already have a few other ways that I will mix and match these pieces.

Here are a few pictures of me out and about today in this outfit: 

Top and skirt- Eva Mendes for New York and Company (recent)

Shoes-Prabal Garung for Target (old)

Remember to take time and think about your decisions. Weigh all of the options-is it really black and white or is there some gray? How would I feel if the situation were reversed? I always try to take this into account as well. 

I hope you all had a fantastic Monday! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!