Thursday, May 29, 2014

Joyful June Style Challenge

We have only a couple more days left in May and I still cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by! I have been extremely busy these last few weeks primarily with work, but also in my personal life.  I find that I need to stop and think and live in the now because before you know it, you will be looking back and time will have flown by! Time is one thing that does not stop!

Anyways, enough of that! I first rolled out the style challenge last week on Friday on Instagram.  I received a lot of requests from people asking for a June challenge since they enjoyed the May one so much. I am flattered that people have been doing the challenge and have been loving it! My goal is to create something that we can show our own personal style while having fun and wearing our clothes from our closet. I also love to build up and encourage other by showcasing a look from each day on the blog. More on that later…

I also am participating in no shopping for the summer (with a few exceptions) but I find that having some sort of guide really helps me to focus on what I want to wear for the day.   I also find that I am wearing items that are older-which I am not going to lie, I like it! I like it because I can be unique and dress like myself.  I see so many people running out and buying what someone else has instead of really dressing for themselves or creating their own style. There are items that I love when I see on someone else but I have really tried to get away from buying something just because someone else has it.  That was part of my whole enlightening experience about social media creating the “want it, need it” mentality. I still purchase items occasionally that I see on others but it is not that often. It is mainly because I personally love the item and may have been eyeing it myself before it was even posted! I think that we are lucky to have such a great fashion community on Instagram and blogs to help give us ideas!

So how do you get featured on the blog? First of all, you have to be following me on Instagram.  Secondly, I have asked that you repost the style challenge on your account so your friends can join us too! Thirdly, use the hashtag #joyfuljunestlye to have your pictures show up in the group. Please remember if you are private, you can absolutely play along; however, I cannot see any of your pictures so I will not be able to feature you. That’s it! Very easy! I choose one look each day to feature on the blog along with mine.  Every once in a while, I choose two if I really have a hard time picking only one.  You all should go through and look at all of the pictures! There are so many great looks and I cannot feature them all!

I cannot wait for this challenge to start.  I have already received so many comments from people who are ready to get this one going! In case if you are not on Instagram, here is the Joyful June Style Challenge:

I look forward to seeing all of your great looks in June! Consider following me via the Bloglovin button so you can get the blog posts right in your inbox. Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Marvelous May Style: Days 23-27

Well this is almost the last installment of the Marvelous May Style challenge! I'm having so much fun looking through all of the pictures and seeing how creative everyone is! May is almost over so I thought I would break up the last days of the challenge instead of waiting until the end. 

Day 23- Fabulous Flats- I have a lot of shoes. Flats, heels, sandals, you name it. A couple of months ago I happened upon these flats at TJ Maxx. It wasn't quite the weather to be wearing them yet, but I knew when it was I would get a lot if wear from them! I love everything about these- the color, the style, the fit, everything! I wore these with these fun pants that I got at Ann Taylor last summer. It was fun wearing these with all of the different shades of blue! 

I chose to feature @tayloradaly because let's face it- glitter flats are fabulous flats! She always looks cute and put together but I thought these shoes were perfect for today's challenge! 

Day 24- Dressed in Denim- I spent a lot of time outside on Memorial Day weekend and a lot of time not dressed up since I was planting , getting a hair cut, etc. We went out at night so I put on this chambray dress and wore a cardigan with it. It was perfect for the night! 

I chose @emptyneststyle for this day for a couple of reasons. I loved her outfit (duh!) and she reminisced about sewing something similar when she was younger. 

Day 25- In the Navy- I will admit I didn't know how people would take this one- do I wear navy or anchors or both, etc. I thought everyone's looks were fun and creative and navy! Nice job! I wore this Joe Fresh dress that I got at JC Penney a few months ago. I used a coupon and paid less than $10 for it! I love the color and the shape! I think it's very flattering for my body type. 

I chose @maria_neonamber to feature for this day. I loved her whole look-especially her jewelry! So cute! 

Day 26- Patriotic Patsy- I thought this would be a fun way to see how many people would wear red white and blue. Needless to say, there were tons of pictures for this day! I wore some red pants with a navy and white striped tee and some navy and white striped shoes. I thought it was perfect for the BBQ that we attended! 

I chose @ckcq to feature for this day. Her look was so simple yet so stylish and put together. That's what fashion is about- it doesn't have to be complicated! 

Day 27- Animal Kingdom- I figured most people on Instagram would at least have something leopard to wear for this day. I wore this dress that I bought on final sale from Loft at the end of the summer. It was such a good deal and it is so comfortable! Of course I wore my leopard sandals with it! 

I chose to feature @aem8168 for this day. I love her leopard skirt and her outfit and she is just too darn cute! 

Thanks again to everyone who is participating! I know I am having fun and it looks like you all are too! The Joyful June Style challenge has already been posted to Instagram so start getting your looks ready for next month! 


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Marvelous May Style: Days 15-22

This week's challenge was so much fun! I see more and more pictures for each day's challenge. I love seeing how creative everyone is too! 

Day 15- Thrifted Thursday- I know there are a lot of us that love going thrifting and looking for items to build our wardrobes. Sometimes I get lucky and find something that's really good. I think this floral dress is just that! I remember finding this dress at the Goodwill earlier this year. I have worn it before with a chartreuse cardigan and belt so I thought I would change it up and wear a bright blue jacket this time. 

I chose to feature @mythriftycloset365 for this day. I love the bright green color of her dress and I loved her attitude and smile in this picture. She just looks like she is loving life and having fun! 

Day 16- Living Life to the Max(I)- I love maxi dresses! I read once that maxi dresses are like crotchless yoga pants. I can live with that! I think a great maxi can be dressed up or down and they are so comfortable! I love this black and white graphic print maxi that I got last year at the Ann Taylor outlet. I chose to accentuate it with mint accessories and I had to grab a jacket since it was a little chilly still. This outfit is definitely one of my favorites! 

For today's challenge, I had to pick two people. Well, one person and one group of people. I love @zombiegirl74 in this black and white maxi dress! I think it's very flattering and fun! I also wanted to show @cherryryan and her group at work. They have all been doing the challenge together and having fun. Coincidentally they all showed up matching at work this day! 

Day 17- Boho Glam- I like the boho look when I see it on other people. I imagine a pretty look when going to a music festival or an outside movie. This happened to be a busy Saturday for us so I did the best I could on this day! It happened to also get colder so I chose the same shirt I was going to wear but put a jacket and jeans with it instead. I also love these turquoise sandals and thought they went well with the rest of the accessories and clothes I was wearing. 

I chose the newly engaged @queenm2004 to feature on this day. I thought the random shot was just too cute! I loved the look and of course she was shopping and with with Starbucks- two of my faves! 

Day 18- That's So Clutch- did you ever say that or remember people saying that? I love a great clutch and sometimes I even find myself building my outfit around one! This was a Sunday and I copied a look from Target- read all about it in my latest Sunday Style post. 

I chose to feature  @je_suis_charissa this day because her bicycle clutch was just too darling! I thought it was fun and a whimsical touch to her outfit. 

Day 19- Mix it Up! - I thought a lot of people would do pattern mixing on this day. I was pleased to read comments though that people were wearing things together that they hadn't worn before! That's the goal of a style challenge is to help people get dressed wearing things they already have. I wore a polka dot shirt and scarf but paired it with olive instead of blue jeans. I think I like it better this way! 

I chose @queserasarah to feature for this day. She did do pattern mixing and I thought her outfit was adorable! I love the striped skirt with the floral top! 

Day 20- Teal and Turquoise on a Tuesday- well first of all, I will tell you that, yes, I did wear these pants the week before. Believe it or not, I actually had someone point that out on my IG account. Remember me? The person who likes to show you how to make your clothes go farther and wear things different ways? Anyways, enough about that! I did wear these pants again because I like them and they go well for this day's theme. I love this floral top that I got at Banana Reepublic last year. I love the vibrant colors in it! 

I chose my friend Jamie @jro1583 for this day. I love the colors and the pattern mixing that she did! She is just too cute every day! 

Day 21- Passion for Fashion- I like to think that fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it. I wrote a whole blog post on this topic too the other day. I also paired some things together that are old and I haven't worn in a while. This ruffled top actually has small stripes in it and the skirt is such a pretty floral. I put the belt on it because of the green stones in it and added some leopard shoes. While some might think this is a bit busy or is not for them, I actually thought this outfit was fun and classically styled at the same time. 

I chose @simplyfab26 for this day to be featured. I love the pink with the leopard and she is always so nicely dressed and accessorized! 

Day 22- Dressed for Success- I didn't know how people would interpret this day- would they wear a dress or dress up or dress professionally? I saw all of those and I think everyone looked fantastic! I didn't know when I made this list that I was actually going to be volunteering that day at Dress for Success! I chose to wear a black dress and layer it for this day. I think this was one of my favorite outfits ever! I loved the leopard with it and the coral necklace. 

I chose @msemilyread to feature for this day. I love how she put a blazer over her dress and talked about making her clothes professional. I feel exactly the same way and like to have fun with my clothes while still looking professional. 

There's the weekly recap for you guys! We are almost at the end of May! I did make a June style challenge called Joyful June Style challenge. We will be using the  hashtag #joyfuljunestyle on Instagram. Same rules apply. You can wear whatever you want for the challenge. I encourage you to be creative and have fun! Remember in order to be featured on the blog, you have to be following me on IG and repost the style challenge picture to your profile. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Passion for Fashion

Today’s style challenge was Passion for Fashion.  When I made the Marvelous May Style challenge, I wanted there to be days where everyone could be themselves and feature different items or in some cases, even people, who inspired them or their favorites. When I came up with this theme, I thought all of my IG friends would have something to wear-something they loved, something that they were passionate about or inspired them.

My outfit today is a mis-mash of a little bit of everything.  I love a good floral and I didn’t think to mix a lot of patterns until I started viewing other peoples’ pictures on Instagram.  I thought it was something that I might not be able to pull off but I tried it once or twice and loved it!

As I am writing this, I am looking at a bag that I think ignited a little of my passion for fashion.  Being a true 90’s girl, I loved loved loved this jade green Liz Claiborne handbag.  In all the years of moving and growing older, I never found mine until last year…I happened upon Etsy and saw that there was a seller in possession of this beautiful bag.  I bargained the price down a bit and she was mine!

I got the bag in the mail and I was so excited! Its a little worn and I found that this bag is smaller now. In hindsight, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I was a high-schooler….but nonetheless, the bag is here and is mine.  It has sat in my closet all of this time- until today.

Why not share our passion for fashion? Our passion for dressing up and overall feeling good about ourselves? I know that I do not feel good when I am not looking good. I know this and this is why I enjoy looking nice and getting dressed up every day. Some people don’t know this, but I work from home.  The temptation is real to not make an effort and not take care of myself.  I feel that I get more accomplished at work and I feel more confident when I am looking nice.

My passion for fashion started back in high school and I have only been rediscovering it over the course of the last decade.  Trends come and go but style is always in fashion. I remember being in high school and I made my own clothes-yes, I sewed some of my own clothes! I remember vividly making a teal drop waist dress with a white square eyelet collar and purchasing a pair of teal Sam and Libby bow flats to wear with it.  Let’s not forget the white panty hose with the dots on them….

Now that I am older, I appreciate style more.  You all know that I started this blog as a way to show women of all types how to dress their bodies.  I look for ways to bring in a trend but at a small amount of money.  I also look to be stylish every day as a wife and mother and employee. It is safe to say I have a passion for fashion…

Enjoy these pics from today’s outfit and the accessory that started it all...

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Style: Target Style

I've told you all that I look for inspiration everywhere. It can be in magazines, on the internet, on television or in real life. For today's outfit, I happened to be in Target a while back and noticed this signage that inspired my look today:

I had this skirt from Target and a mint top from J C Penney already and the cardigan happened to be on sale that week so I grabbed it. I had a Loft bow belt and a pair of shoes from TJ Maxx that I knew would be perfect with it so I knew this look would be easy for me to recreate. What I love about this look is that I don't think I would have ever paired these colors together but I love the way they look! That's why I look for inspiration everywhere I go! 

Today's Marvelous May Style challenge is that's so clutch so this outfit wouldn't be complete without a cute clutch! I decided to carry this cute straw one from Banana Republic that I got last summer. It's fun and functional. I also piled on the turquoise and coral accessories again for some extra color and interest. 

So look around wherever you go for inspiration! You never know what you might find or what might give you an idea! Enjoy these pics from my outfit today:

Enjoy your Sunday! 


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Marvelous May Style Challenge: Days 8-14

Well, it happened again! Another week flew by! This style challenge has been so much fun! I know I made it up but I am allowed to say that it's been fun, right? I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures on Instagram and have loved connecting with new people! 

Day 8- My Favorite Things- I always say my favorite things aren't things- but if I had to choose some things that I love to wear and use, this picture is a good example! I love wearing dresses (especially with pockets), statement necklaces, leopard print, bows on toes- you get the idea! 

I chose to feature my pal Keila @mommyinmilwaukee on this day for a couple of reasons- first of all, she is one of the most adorable expectant mothers I have ever seen! Secondly, how could I not pick her since we match? 

Day 9- Silver Linings- every cloud has a silver lining- we've ll heard this before so why not show off our silver? I'm doing this in the form of both shoes and accessories and wearing Old Navy clothing and shoes! 

I chose my friend Heather @stylejourney to feature on this day because I loved all of the gray and silver that she had on together! Cute look! 

Day 10- My Mom Wore This- I thought this would be either really easy or really hard for most people- I was surprised at the amount of participation this one got! I loved looking at pictures from days gone by of what moms wore and I loved seeing the creativity and sentiment in the outfits! I have on a normal outfit but chose to wear my mom's sapphire necklace that she gave to me. I really should wear it more often! 

I chose @fashionshouldbefun to feature on this day because I was so touched by her post. She is wearing a sweatshirt from her mom. What a wonderful tribute to her! 

Day 11- Mother Knows Best- you know the television show Father Knows Best? I always think mothers know best but let's keep that between us! I chose to wear a maxi dress and dress it up with beaded necklaces for Mother's Day. Check out my last Sunday Style post for all of the details! 

I chose to feature @cherryann for this day because I loved the advice she talked about her mom giving her. I also have to say that Cherry's looks everyday are awesome and I love the fact that she has gotten her office involved in the style challenge as well! 

Day 12- I've Got the Blues- because who doesn't have the blues on a Monday? I chose to wear my cobalt pants with a lightweight top since we were having a little warmer weather. I've also got my new purse with me in this outfit! 

I chose @lynnnie34 to feature for this day because I loved all of her blues- she even painted her toenails blue! How fun! 

Day 13- Minty Fresh- I did not realize that I had a teeth cleaning appointment on this day so isn't that funny that it was on the same day as this theme? I must have subconsciously known it when I made up the list! Anyways, I am wearing some minty fresh clothes with some wide leg pants that I have had forever. It was a nice change up from the skinny jeans that I normally wear. 

I chose to feature @clotheshaulic for this day because she was looking good in head to toe mint- even her jewelry! 

Day 14- It's a Good Day for a White Wednesday- it's a play on words of the famous Billy Idol song White Wedding- anyways, I chose white for the top only on this day mainly because it was raining and I didn't want my white pants to get dirty- I love that all of these clothes came from JCPenney because they are so affordable as well as cute! The teal pants are a pretty bright color and the pop of leopard was unexpected. This may be my favorite outfit from the week! 

I chose to feature @melbella14 for this day because I loved her look with the white dress! So pretty and fun while being completely functional and easy to run around in! 

Well that's a wrap of the second week. I hope you all are having as much fun as I am planning your outfits! Thanks to those who are playing along- every day more people are joining in the fun! Make sure you are using the #marvelousmaystyle tag when posting your outfits or looking for inspiration from so many ladies! 

Remember, you must be following me on IG in order to be featured on the blog and repost the challenge on your IG feed. I want to feature more people! Let me know if you are interested in a June challenge as well and I will put something together since this has been so much fun! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me.